Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

The alarm clock on the wall was beating ticking.

The time was approaching the end of kindergarten, and Jacob glanced at the exhausted Grace, stood up silently, and walked outside the door. “I’ll pick up the child.”

Grace looked at him gratefully, “Thank you!” She was too tired to move.

Not long after Jacob left, Grace received a call from Bai Suyuan.

“Grace, are you free? I want to talk to you.”

Grace walked to the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room, opened the curtains, and saw Bai Suyuan’s Ferrari leaning on the side of the road.

“Okay, I’ll get down right away.” Grace hung up the phone and fell into a brief loss of consciousness.

She was close to Bai Suyuan, her purpose was not simple, and she was somewhat disturbed in conscience.

The installation master has installed the canopy bed, and politely bid farewell to Grace, “Miss, the bed is already installed, if you have any questions, please call the after-sales service.”

“I’ll take you out.” Grace and Master Installation took the elevator downstairs together.

At the door of the Yunting real estate, Bai Suyuan wears a white suit, like a prince charming, shining in the dim night.

Seeing Grace walking out, Bai Suyuan greeted her with a warm smile on his face, “Grace!”

Grace looked at Bai Suyuan and smiled. “Young Master Bai has nothing to do without going to the Three Treasures Palace, let’s talk, what can you do with me?”

Bai Suyuan nodded and said, “Follow me and invite you to supper. Let’s sit down and speak slowly.”

Grace was a little hesitant, but still followed Bai Suyuan into the car with great anxiety.

When Jacob returned with the children, he brushed past Bai Suyuan’s car. Seeing the familiar figure in the back seat, Jacob’s eyes instantly filled with icy air.

“It’s Uncle Bai, Mommy and Uncle Bai are dating!” Faith cheered.

Derek looked at his sister unhappily, “What’s so happy about this.”

Faith said, “Uncle Bai is polite to Mommy. Mommy will be happy if he marries her.”

Jacob stared at Faith speechlessly. Evil intimidated, “You are not afraid that your stepdad will abuse your little stepdaughter by not giving you food, clothes, or letting you go to school?”

Faith proudly raised her small head and rolled her eyes towards Jacob, “I have only heard stories of vicious stepmothers abusing children, and I have never heard stories of stepdad abusing stepdaughter.”

“The frog at the bottom of the well.” Jacob returned unceremoniously.

Faith, however, is a smart child with more knowledge than Bibi Gan. Dao slammed back, “This kind of thing can only be done by a big devil like you. Uncle Bai can’t!”

Jacob’s face was dark.

Although he looks very cold and difficult to approach, he is not as scary as she said, okay?

“Great Devil, who nicknamed me?” Jacob frowned in displeased.

Faith whispered, “Me.”

Jacob: “…”

“You deserve to be the daughter of your mommy. She looks gentle and kind, but her belly is filled with ink.” Jacob said depressed.


Jason took Daddy’s hand and said, “Daddy, my sister is still young, don’t care about her!”

Jacob didn’t want to care about a stinky girl, but this girl was clever, and was the biggest obstacle to his wife chasing his wife. Thinking about it, it was a headache.

Jacob sent the three children home irritably and made pasta for them, but Faith voluntarily pushed the pasta in the bowl and said proudly, “Uncle, I don’t like to eat this kind of dried noodles. “

Jacob knew that Xiao Baozi was deliberately arguing with him because he was trying to provoke Bai Suyuan’s relationship with her.

He poured the noodles from her bowl into his own bowl, and then relentlessly said, “If you don’t eat, you will be hungry.”

Faith held her puppet and sat on the sofa with deep resentment and watched TV.

Derek and Jason looked at their childish daddy, and their arrogant sister, they both shook their heads helplessly, stubbornly scratching the bowl of noodles.

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