Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 244

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Chapter 244

After Faith got up, she hugged Grace and acted like a baby, “Mummy, where did you go last night? I miss you so much!”

Grace gently patted Faith on the forehead, and gently taught her, “Did you quarrel with Daddy last night? You still got angry and didn’t eat. You were hungry?”

Faith patted her stomach and said softly, “Mummy, Daddy cooked me a bowl of Yangchun noodles last night. Faith is not hungry.”

Grace was shocked, “Did he cook noodles for you?”

Faith nodded, “Yeah.”

Grace smiled and squeezed Faith’s face, “So, he is cold-faced and kind. Don’t deliberately make things difficult for him in the future!”

Faith nodded obediently, “I see, Mommy.”

After breakfast, Grace sent the three children to the kindergarten, and then rushed to the Bai Family Group non-stop.

Today is the first day she entered Bai’s work.

In order to leave a good impression on colleagues, Grace lightly put on makeup and chose a set of rigorous professional attire, so that she instantly became capable of being pure and moving.

Grace had just entered the Central Building of the Bai Group and immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

She has a fresh temperament, delicate features, self-confidence, and a unique feeling that stands out from the crowd.

“Who is she?”

“Shouldn’t such a beautiful girl belong to our public relations department?”

But Grace walked straight to Bai Suyuan’s office, and the whispers stopped abruptly.

“President Bai’s girlfriend?”

“Not necessarily. I think it’s the newly recruited secretary of the president. You see her dressed in professional attire.”

When Grace was approaching the president’s office, she happened to meet Bai Nanning coming out of it.

Bai Nanning and Fengtong squinted, put her hands in her trouser pockets, and walked over in red high heels.

“Grace, why are you here?” Her tone was contemptuous.

Grace tried her best to maintain her demeanor, and said, “President Bai hired me as his personal assistant. Don’t you know?”

Bai Nanning chuckled, “Hehe, personal assistant? That’s so nice? Isn’t he just a shameless underground lover?”

Grace smiled without anger, “Miss Bai, don’t save others by yourself.”

Bai Nanning became angry and raised her hand to slap Grace. But her hand was caught by Bai Suyuan who suddenly appeared.

“Nanning, don’t be rude to my assistant.”

Bai Nanning angrily dropped her hand, gritted her teeth and said, “Brother, do you know that Grace is Jacob’s ex-wife?”

Bai Suyuanyun said lightly, “I know!”

Bai Nanning’s phoenix eyes widened in anger, “Shao Zhan, as long as it is something he has used, he will never be allowed to be shared by others. You do this by plucking the hair on the tiger’s head. You are not afraid that Shao Zhan will let her go can’t you eat it and go around?”

Bai Suyuan smiled calmly, “Nanning, when you sent Miss Luo to my room, why didn’t you think of this floor?”

After Bai Nanning was exposed to her conspiracy on the spot by Bai Suyuan, she became a little guilty and said incoherently, “Nonsense, when did I send her into your room?”

Grace looked at Bai Nanning indifferently, “Miss Bai, please give me an explanation.”

The dog jumped the wall in a hurry.

Bai Nanning suddenly tore her face and said proudly, “Grace, you are just the illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. What can you do to me?”

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