Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 245

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Chapter 245

Grace raised her hand and slapped Bai Nanning.


With a crisp sound, everyone present was shocked.

Bai Nanning covered her hot face and stared at Grace unquestionably. “How dare you hit me?”

Bai Suyuan was obviously frightened.

Even though he was extremely unhappy with the sister Bai Nanning in his heart, in order to create his gentle image in front of the Bai family’s elders, he at least on the surface tolerated this sister. The many unreasonable harassment against her are all eyes closed.

Unexpectedly what he could endure, Grace staunchly avenged him.


However, in the face of the two people with disparity in status, Bai Suyuan began to worry about what Grace would encounter next.

“Big brother, did you see that your assistant hit me? I’m going to tell my father.” Bai Nanning covered her face and cried and ran away.

Bai Suyuan’s expression became serious in an instant. Bai Nanning stabbed the matter in front of his father, and his father’s hard-to-establish trust in him would be greatly reduced.

Grace saw Bai Suyuan’s worried expression and comforted him, “Don’t worry, I will personally plead guilty to the chairman of the board.”

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace, who was full of confidence, only as if she was a strong temper who didn’t hit the south wall and didn’t look back. Then she kindly reminded her, “You don’t know my dad, my dad treats Bai Nanning mother and daughter very much. You moved Bai Nanning today that touched his bottom line. Grace, I’m afraid I can’t protect him. You have your job. You go quickly!”

Grace finally joined the Bai family, how could he give up easily?

“President Bai, there must be a way to the mountain.”

Before long, someone from the chairman’s office came to invite Bai Suyuan. “Young Master Bai, the chairman invites your assistant to come over.”

Grace had no extra words, turned around and walked out.

Bai Suyuan stepped forward, pulling Grace and finally begged, “Grace, you can find another job if you are out of work! I still have a way to help you leave now, if you go there, I will be at a loss.”

“President Bai, thank you.” Grace smiled.

Released her hand, straightened her beautiful and thin back, and walked outside.

On the way to the chairman’s office, Grace kept playing with her mobile phone.

She turned on the voice translation software in the phone to ensure that the content of the conversation later could be automatically converted into a transcript, and then it could be sent out accurately, before Grace put the phone in her pocket.

The chairman’s office.

When Grace entered, Bai Nanning was still sobbing affectionately, crying with pear blossoms and rain, looking very pitiful.

Grace squeezed a sneer at her, her eyes clearly despised Bai Nanning’s inferior means.

Bai Nanning became a little embarrassed. She raised the back of her hand and wiped the teardrops hanging from the corner of her eyes, staring at Grace angrily.

“You are Grace?” Chairman Bai squinted his eyes, examining Grace.

Grace nodded, her face calm. “Yes.”

“How dare you run to my Bai clan’s site and beat our Bai clan’s daughter. Grace, how many catties do you have, how dare you run to Tai Sui to break the ground?” The chairman said with a sharp voice.

Grace is still calm and unhurried, “Chairman, if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend people. If anyone offends me, I will offend.”

“What do you mean?”

“Miss Bai sent me to Master Ling’s room last time. She calculated the innocence of my daughter’s house. I slapped her in the face.” Grace said.

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