Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 246

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Chapter 246

Chairman Bai probably didn’t know the details of the incident. He suddenly heard this and looked at Bai Nanning with some surprise.

Of course, Bai Nanning would not admit her deeds in front of the chairman, because the plot against Grace also dragged Bai Suyuan into the water. If Dad knew that she was calculating her brother, he would have become angry.

Bai Nanning denied, “Dad, she wronged me.”

Chairman Bai naturally believed in his daughter. Grace’s reputation was not good, so he was even more angry now, “Grace, how dare you slander Nan Ning?”

Grace deliberately showed a look of horror, but what she said next surprised the other party.

“Chairman, Master Zhan told me this personally. As for whether it is true, you have to ask Master Zhan.”

Bai’s father and daughter collapsed instantly.

Bai Nanning looked worried, “Grace, you lied, and Shao Zhan hates you so much. How could it be possible to stand up for you?”

Grace made the innocent and pitiful appearance of harmless humans and animals, “Well, I also find it very strange. If you want to know the answer, you can ask the battle master.”

The chairman stared at Grace and became hesitant.

His attitude towards Grace depends on Grace’s weight in Jacob’s heart.

Bai Nanning seemed to see his thoughts and tried to stun him, “Dad, she is lying. I know that Young Master Zhan hates this woman very much. He once told me that there is no woman he hates in this world, except for Grace. Han.”

Like a thunder on the ground, Grace was torn apart.

“He really—that’s what he said?” She was like a lion that lost without a fight, instantly becoming weak.

Bai Nanning took her bitterness to the extreme, saying, “Young Master Zhan treats you not only as annoying, but also hating and hating. He also said that when he saw you, he wanted to tear you up-what he most often sighed was- Why did you give birth to Jason?”

Grace’s body trembled, and Grace quickly reached out to support the armrest of the chair in front of her, afraid that she would fall.

She laughed miserably and helplessly.

This is his style.

“Miss Bai, no matter how reluctant the Lord Zhan is, the truth is that I am the mother of his two sons.” Grace was extremely desolate, knowing that he disdains to be her backer, but still wants to borrow him. The prestige fox fake tiger prestige.

Chairman Bai sneered, “I remember, the old man of the Zhan Family seems to have said that Shao Zhan had very grievances about his ex-wife. Grace, you want a fox and a tiger, but there is no way.”

A tricky smile appeared on Bai Nanning’s face.

The chairman gave an order, “Come here, tie Grace to me.”

Several sturdy men tied Grace’s hands together.

The chairman said grimly, “Nanning, you can do whatever you want!”

Bai Nanning walked up to Grace, opened her bow left and right, and beat Grace dizzy.

“Grace, when you see me in the future, remember to walk around the corner, otherwise I will see you clean up you once. See if you want to be so arrogant in the future.”

CEO’s office.

After Bai Suyuan learned of Grace’s tragic situation, he almost dialed Jacob’s phone without hesitation.

“Young Master!”

When Jacob heard Bai Suyuan’s voice, his eyes became cold unconsciously.

“Bai Suyuan, say something quickly.” On the other end of the phone, Jacob’s impatient voice came.

He has recently become so angry that Bai Suyuan has panicked. It happened that he ran into him without knowing it.

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