Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

Bai Suyuan is actually not quite sure how true or false Jacob’s feelings for Grace are. But at this moment, he can only be a dead horse doctor.

“Shao Zhan, Grace…in my father’s hands.” Bai Suyuan couldn’t hide his nervousness and anxiety when he said this.

“What do you mean?” Jacob’s handsome face turned cold, and a suffocating breath of death filled his body.

“She had a dispute with my sister…” Thinking that Jacob did not understand, Bai Suyuan tried to calm himself down and explained more clearly.

However, Jacob snapped up and hung up the phone. Bai Suyuan stared at the interrupted cell phone in a daze. What did he mean?

Will he come to save her?

Jacob stood up from his black leather sofa, with the natural king aura, and the threatening aura that made the Guan Xiao on the side shiver suddenly.

For a long time, the president has not shown such a terrifying expression. Such a look means that the president is going to kill him.

“Guan Xiao, arrange the employees of the Security Section to let them all be dispatched.”

Guan Xiao was startled, “Everyone?”

Media Asia’s security department is not a wine bag, each one is martial arts champions of various boxers. Usually the president goes out with at most eight bodyguards. It’s really unprecedented when this kind of group is dispatched.

“Hurry up.”

When Jacob saw Guan Xiao in a daze, he reprimanded him with great anger.

Guan Xiao ran out abruptly.

When Jacob took the elevator to the entrance of Media Asia, the sixty employees of the security department were waiting in a row, standing uniformly at the door waiting for the president’s orders.

Jacob glanced at them, frowning unhappy.

Guan Xiao immediately stepped forward and explained, “President, leave 20 people to maintain the safety of the Media Asia Building.”

Jacob glared at Guan Xiao, but didn’t say anything, and got into the car.

Behind Jacob’s Rolls Royce, thirty-two luxurious off-road chariots parked mightily. With the sound of the sirens, all the cars orderly drove towards the Bai’s Central Building.

Guan Xiao is Jacob’s personal assistant and driver. Perhaps Jacob should be lonely and does not like to deal with people. Perhaps Guan Xiao is able to work harder. Anyway, Guan Xiao holds several positions in Media Asia, all of whom deal with the president. Whether the position is held by him alone.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Guan Xiao is a roundworm in the stomach of the president.

But at this moment, this roundworm seemed to have been abandoned by the owner. He didn’t even understand the reason for the president’s fight.

At the same time, there has been an uproar in the Bai’s enterprise.

In the chairman’s office, someone is reporting the situation to the chairman: “Chairman, the thirty-two tanks of Media Asia are driving straight towards the Central Building. The coming is fierce, do we need to make some preparations?”

The chairman raised his head in astonishment, “Zhan Shao people? What are they doing?”

He helped the glasses on his nose and glanced at Grace on the ground. Grace had fainted.

Seeing his father’s expression become nervous, Bai Nanning disapproved, “Dad. Don’t worry, Shao Zhan is definitely not here for Grace.”

After a pause, he was very confident and said, “I understand Shao Zhan. He has always been ignorant and never gives a little sincerity to any woman. He usually attended meetings with a low safety factor, and only carried eight bodyguards. It is impossible to mobilize the entire security department of Media Asia for Grace.”

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