Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 211

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Chapter 211

After speaking, Yang Minghao looked at Shaun with a threatening look:

“I advise you to take the money and get out of here. From today, Elvira will be my woman! Otherwise, if my bodyguards come back, you can’t leave even if you wanted to!”

Until this moment, Yang Minghao still did not find his bodyguard.


“You are rich, but you have no face!”

Shaun’s voice was icy, with an extremely awe-inspiring expression.


Yang Minghao’s expression changed:

“Boy, how dare you scold me…”


Before Yang Minghao’s angry voice was finished, a loud slap fell on his face.

This slap is extremely violent!

In an instant, Yang Minghao’s tall body was drawn out of the office like a torn sack.

Staggering more than a dozen steps, fell to the ground.


At this moment, Yang Minghao could hardly believe his eyes. He…was beaten?

And was beaten by that wasteful person?

“Holy crap, you trash dare to hit me?”

When the fiery pain on his face came, Yang Minghao’s eyes instantly turned red.

He went crazy, got up from the ground, and immediately rushed towards Shaun.


He just reached in front of Shaun, when wanted to punch!


Another slap fell on Yang Minghao’s face, knocking out several teeth from his mouth, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

And like a dead dog, he fell at the entrance of the stairs.


A trace of severe pain caused Yang Minghao’s body to tremble.

“Blood! You…you smashed my face, you are over!”

“When my bodyguard comes back, they will smash your face and beat you from the fifteenth floor to the first floor, and they will beat you to death for sure!!!”

Yang Minghao was almost mad, calling his bodyguard desperately.

Since childhood, he has been Yang Jinshui’s charm, and he has never been beaten.

And now!

He wanted to smash Shaun’s body into pieces.

“No need to scream, they are here!” Shaun’s mouth appeared a touch of sorrow, and his figure let out!

Suddenly, the figures of the four bodyguards were revealed.

Can you see!

They all are pieces of dead meat.

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