Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 212

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Chapter 212

“A**hole! What are you four wastes doing in a daze! Didn’t you see that your young master got beaten by this crap person?”

“Come on, beat him up! Slap him in the face, beat him from the 15th floor to the first floor!”

At this moment, Yang Minghao was completely dazzled by anger.

He didn’t even think of what happened to his bodyguards.



The three bodyguards lying limp on the ground, one by one, the panic became more and more intense, even Yang Minghao shouted, they still did not dare to move.

As if in their minds, a little movement will result in death.

What…what’s going on?

When Yang Minghao saw his bodyguards not moving, he couldn’t help but twitch.

At this moment, he finally discovered something wrong.

“You…you guys!”

He stared at his bodyguards blankly, as he spoke, Shaun’s voice like a devil came over:

“They can’t help you!”


Yang Minghao’s gaze fell on Shaun’s figure, especially when he saw that Shaun slowly walked towards him with a smile on his face, his body trembled and his scalp numb.

“Boy, you…what do you want to do? I am the young master of Shengshi Group, the most important partner of your group! You can’t do anything to me!”

Shaun smiled slightly.

His gaze swept across the stairway, and his smile became more terrifying:

“Don’t worry, I won’t be too much for you! I just beat you from the 15th floor to the first floor according to your request, no more!”


From the 15th floor to the first floor!

When Yang Minghao heard these words, his body trembled fiercely, and he almost scared to pee.

And just when he was about to say something!


Shaun had already rushed to him, slapped his face severely.

Suddenly, scarlet blood splashed from Yang Minghao’s face, and he was dead. He was drawn into the stairway and rolled down along the stairway on the 15th floor.

In the shocking gaze of everyone, Yang Minghao was slapped by Shaun and he drew into the stairway.

Then along the stairway, like a spinning top, he continuously rolled downwards.


Seeing this, Elvira, Yang Tianrui, and others got stunned.

They didn’t expect that Shaun would be this violent, that he will drag Yang Minghao down from the 15th floor.

This is the 15th floor…

If he is really drawn to the first floor, then Yang Minghao will definetly die.


Thinking that Shaun would kill Yang Minghao, Elvira’s pretty face instantly turned pale, and she went forward to stop Shaun from committing a crime.

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