Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 213

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Chapter 213

Not only her!

Yang Tianrui and all the other officials of the Bai Group also numbed their scalp, and ran to the staircase one after another, to stop Shaun.

Just that, Shaun didn’t care about the obstruction of the people around him.

After he slapped Yang Minghao to the fourteenth floor, he grabbed the bloodied Yang Minghao, slapped him again!


At this moment, everyone saw a tingling scene.

Shaun slapped him again!

In a blink of an eye!

Yang Minghao changed from howling and cursing in anger to screaming in panic and begging for mercy. Slowly, he got weakened, and his whole body was smashed.

He was almost trapped in blood.


Elvira, Yang Tianrui, and others were all shocked to see Shaun’s madness.

Especially in their eyes, Shaun is like a soft-hearted person, but the reality is different.

Thirteenth floor!

Tenth floor!

Eighth floor!

Everyone witnessed Yang Minghao’s miserable condition.

The skin on his body was smashed to blood, and his mind was dizzy as if he would faint from the pain at any time.


Deep regret and panic-filled Yang Minghao’s heart. He thoroughly understood why his four powerful bodyguards were so scared by Shaun that they couldn’t stand up.



“Boy, stop, stop hitting, please, don’t hit me!”

When Yang Minghao saw Shaun was about to strike again, he immediately used all his strength to shout desperately:

“I was wrong, I dare not harass Elvira, I apologize to you and Elvira, please let me go! If you continue to beat, I will die for sure!”

At this moment, Yang Minghao felt extremely regretful.

If he had known that this guy was so violent and tyrannical, he would not dare to touch Elvira at all.

And now…

“If an apology is useful, what is the use of the police?”

Shaun’s voice did not contain the slightest emotional fluctuation.

Words out!

Slap down!

In just ten minutes!

The entire Bai Group was almost a sensation. Everyone heard that Shaun was pulling Yang Minghao, the eldest master of the Shanda Group, from the 15th floor to the first floor!

One by one, the employees of the Bai Group watched.



The corridor door on the first floor made an explosive roar, and everyone was shocked when a blood man smashed out of the staircase.

They saw that this was almost a blood man, his body was completely infiltrated in blood.

Especially on every step of the stairway, there were bloodstains.

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