Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

“This…this is Yang Minghao, a young man in the prosperous age? My God, why is he in miserable condition?”

“Broken, something big is about to happen? This Yang Minghao represents Shanda Group, and Shanda is our biggest partner of Bai Group!”

“Yes! This Shaun is too impulsive, how can he beat people like him! If the grand Yang Jinshui came to know about it, our Bai Group will be in disaster!”


At this moment, after seeing Yang Minghao’s tragic situation, almost all employees talked about it.

That’s it!

How Shanda Group will coordinate when Yang Minghao is beaten like this!

For sure the Bai Group will suffer a disaster.

Not only those employees!

At this moment, even Elvira and the other high officials had their faces pale, with cold sweat on their foreheads. They also knew that this matter was too big today.

“Lin…Shaun! You are ruthless!”

A faint voice came from Yang Minghao’s mouth.

At this moment, he only felt that the bones all over his body were about to fall apart, painful.

If he hadn’t been protecting his head all the way, then he would have been killed on the spot.

“Shaun! Elvira! wait for me!”

“If I didn’t die today, then your Bai Group will finish!”


The bitterness in Yang Minghao’s voice was heard by almost everyone.

Suddenly, everyone in the Bai Group became pale.

Those employees looked at Shaun with deep complaints and anger.

“Shaun, you are such a mindless person, how can you beat someone like this!”

“Yeah, Elvira has nothing to do, but now you beat Yang Minghao like this, you are trying to kill all of us?”


The noisy accusations and humiliations echoed.

It seemed to these people that Shaun was a heinous thug, and Yang Minghao was the victim.

But it’s more than that!


Just as everyone accused Shaun, the buzzing of engines rang.

Then everyone saw one car after another, galloping from outside.

Seeing the license plates of these cars, all the Bai Group’s employees’ complexion changed completely.

“That… is that the license plate of the Shanda Group? My God, the Shanda people are here!”

“Something is going happen, Shaun, you mindless guy, this time our Bai Group will definitely collapse!”

Everyone’s complexion was pale.

Especially, when they saw that cars suddenly stopped, and then some people got out of the cars one after another with baseball bats, everyone there got more shocked!

ten people!



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