Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 215

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Chapter 215

In the blink of an eye, almost forty to fifty big men came out of the cars with baseball bats in their hands.

But it’s more than that!

Especially when everyone in the Bai Group saw a middle-aged fat man headed by them, everyone got shocked.

“That…that’s Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shanda Group! this big guy actually came in person!”

“A**hole, Yang Jinshui must have known that his son was in trouble, so he brought many people here!”

“This time, Bai’s group is going to finish…”

Elvira, Yang Tianrui and others expression changed.

That is Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shanda Group!

The other party personally brought dozens of people, and today’s things can never be good.


Not only everyone, but Yang Minghao on the ground at this moment also saw this scene, and he was immediately ecstatic:

“Shaun! Elvira! Your retribution is here, my father is here, you are over!”

“Not just the two of you, but also your Bai Group, it’s all over! Hahaha…”

Yang Minghao laughed wildly.

In his mind, he thought that his dad will break Shaun’s legs and he will retaliate to let Bai Group go bankrupt.

At this moment, in front of the entire Bai Group’s building, there was an atmosphere of depression and fear.

All the members of the Bai Group, one by one, looked pale as paper.

Especially, when they saw the forty or fifty sturdy men who came out of the cars holding sticks in their hands, they were even more panicked.

“It’s over! Shaun is completely over this time!”

“Quick! Stay away from that plague god, and be careful of the disaster!”

“Crazy! I said it a long time ago, how could this useless person provoke the Shanda Group? It’s a disaster now!”

Dense noises resounded.

In the eyes of almost all the employees of the Bai Group, Shaun is doomed this time.

Not only them!

Even Yang Lao and a group of key members of the Bai Group were shocked at this moment.

After all, there are dozens of people on the other side, and they are armed with a murder weapon and have a terrifying aura, which makes them fearful.

For a time!

The key members of the Bai Group also began to hide, for fear that Shaun would be killed by them.

Only Yang Tianrui!

In his eyes, it seemed that he had made some kind of decision, and he bit his head and walked in front of Shaun.

“Lin…Mr. Lin, run away! We can’t afford to provoke these people…” Yang Tianrui’s face was pale, and he persuaded Shaun bitterly.

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