Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 216

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Chapter 216

Not only him!

The Elvira next to him was only holding the corner of Shaun’s clothes, her beautiful eyes gleaming with a deep begging color:

“Shaun, I beg you? You go, don’t worry about me, they absolutely not dare do anything to me?”

Elvira is scared!

She didn’t want Shaun to be in trouble.

Even if she had seen it before, Shaun had beaten out more than 20 people alone, but this time there are more than forty sturdy men with sticks.

Even if Shaun had three heads and six arms, still he can not compete with these people.

Just hearing this!

Shaun smiled slightly, turned his head, gently rubbed Elvira’s head, and said with a smile:

“My wife, don’t worry, no one in this can beat me!”


Shaun’s words stunned Elvira and everyone around there.




In an instant, the employees of the Bai Group were in an uproar.

They couldn’t imagine that Shaun dared to speak wild words in the face of so many Shanda group thugs, without knowing it.

At this moment, in everyone’s eyes, Shaun looked like an idiot!

Pure death!

As for Yang Minghao, his excited body was trembling at this moment, shouting frantically at Yang Jinshui and the others who came violently:

“Dad! Get revenge for me, Shaun, this little beast beat me, he dragged me from the 15th floor to the first floor! Help me take revenge by breaking his legs!”

While shouting.

Yang Minghao couldn’t help looking at Shaun and Elvira:

“Hahaha…you b!tches, my dad will surely kill you now! Hahaha…”

Yang Minghao laughed as loudly as he can. He seemed to have seen the scene where Shaun was beaten by his father, breaking his hands and legs, and he screamed for mercy.


this moment!

Yang Jinshui didn’t even take a look at Yang Minghao. His face was gloomy and sweat was dripping from his forehead. With forty or fifty sturdy men with sticks, they all walked towards Shaun!

The scene is terrifying.

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Three meters!

On one side, there are dozens of people!

On another side, only three people!

The huge gap in the numbers of the two sides formed a shocking visual seen.

However, just when everyone thought that Yang Jinshui and the others would completely crash Shaun and the three others!

Huh huh!

Everyone was stunned to see that Yang Jinshui and all the sturdy big men, with their palms aligned neatly, moved lightly to receive all the sticks behind them.

Afterward, these people pressed by Wu Ya, all bowed deeply to Shaun.

“Yang Jinshui, come to ask Mr. Lin!!!”

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