Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 217

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Chapter 217


When Yang Jinshui yelled this sentence, all the noise in the open space in front of the building stopped abruptly.

All the employees of the Bai’s Group, couldn’t believe their eyes and ears, all stunned.

No… impossible!

Shaun beat Yang Minghao, Yang Jinshui, Yang Minghao’s old son, how could he bring so many people to bow to Shaun and apologize?

How is this possible!

Not just the employees of Bai Group are amazed!

The most shocking was Yang Minghao.


The grinning and brutal smile on Yang Minghao’s face was completely stiff, and his whole body was as if struck by lightning, standing stupidly on the spot.

Why, how could this be?

“No… I am dazzled? I must be dazzled!”

Yang Minghao raised his hand in disbelief, then rubbed his eyes vigorously.

But what he still saw this scene, that completely broke him:

“Dad! What are you doing? He is Shaun, the trash son-in-law of the Bai family, how can you bow to him, he is a waste!”

“He beat me! Dad, he almost beat me to death! Beat him, beat him to death!”

Yang Minghao seemed to be crazy at this moment, yelling.

And hearing these bitter words!

Yang Jinshui only felt black in front of him, and almost fainted.

And just at this moment, Shaun’s voice that seemed to be smiling but not smiling suddenly came:

“Yang Jinshui, did you hear that? Your son asked you to beat me?”


This sentence almost scared Yang Jinshui to the ground. The cold sweat on his forehead rushed down and said tremblingly:

“Back… back to Mr. Lin! I, I heard, I know what to do!”


Yang Jinshui gritted his teeth, a fierce light burst into his eyes, and then he waved his hand at the forty or fifty big men behind him:

“Beat him!”

When Yang Minghao heard the word ‘beat’, his first reaction was that he was finally about to do it.

A strong ecstasy appeared on his face for an instant.

It’s just that this joy, just after it emerged, it completely froze once again!

Because he was surprised to find out.


After receiving Yang Jinshui’s order, the forty or fifty sturdy men, holding sticks one by one, rushed toward him aggressively!

It’s more than that!


The densely packed sticks, like raindrops, slammed under their hood, smashed and smashed his body.

“No…why are you hitting me! I am your young master, and I am Yang Minghao!”

“Stop! Bastards, my dad asked you to beat Shaun!”

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