Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2488

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Chapter 2488

In the vast land, a petite figure runs barefoot in the mountains. She ran straight to Wolong Mountain.

As everyone knows, there is always a white shadow behind him, chasing him.

When Zhengling ran to Wolong Mountain, she plucked a leaf and began to play melodious music. At this time the earth began to tremble, unraveling a huge gulf.

There was joy in Zhengling’s eyes.

He didn’t notice the danger behind him in the slightest.

At this time, the white figure slowly approached her, and when he overlooked the chasm, a surprised smile appeared in his eyes.

“Irene, thank you for telling me he’s here.”

Zhengling turned back suddenly, the Taoist priest in white looked at her bare feet, which were pierced by thorns and blood flowed.

The Taoist priest suddenly smiled wickedly: “Very good, this is really the best time to activate the blood spell.”

After speaking, he began to open his mouth and chant some spell.

Zhengling looked at him in panic, “Don’t recite the blood curse. He shouldn’t be resurrected at this time.” The

Taoist priest in white ignored her obstruction and recited more cheerfully.

Zhengling was in a hurry, and jumped at it.

“Don’t recite.” The

Taoist priest hit her chest with a palm, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

When casting a blood spell, it should not be disturbed. Because once the disturber is injured, her blood will be continuously lost.

Zheng Ling’s face became paler and paler. She lost her strength to fight.

At this moment, a strong white light suddenly shot out from the center of the earth, and a tall and handsome man, dressed in flying clothes, jumped out from the center of the earth.

“Jun Tianze, you finally appeared.” The Taoist priest in white smiled evilly.

“Hmph, three souls and seven souls, have you returned to your place?”

Jun Tianze stood in the middle of the earth, his figure was so huge that it seemed to cover the whole earth. He stretched out his hand, trying to grab the Taoist priest in white.

When the white-robed Taoist turned around, Buddha light shot out from his entire body.

“Jun Tianze, I have practiced for thousands of years for this day. I want to kill you in this world and make you disappear from my continent. At that time, my king will be able to rule the world.”

“Prajna, Jun Xinyue, come out and help.”

Prajna and Jun Xinyue jumped out from the side, holding rare weapons in their hands, Prajna’s spell, and Jun Xinyue’s demon-subduing pestle. Are all around the corner.

“Hannya, you took my heart a thousand years ago. Is it time to give it back to me now?” Jun Tianze came to Hannya.

Zhengling curled up on the ground, Prajna looked at the giant Jun Tianze, and there was a hint of madness in his eyes.

She waited for Jun Tianze to step on Zhengling to death. After all, Jun Tianze, who was resurrected at this time, has an incomplete soul, and he may not know who Zhengling is at all.

Unexpectedly, Jun Tianze walked to Zhengling, but bent down and picked her up. Then the forehead jade stone between the eyebrows shot out a blood-red light and entered Zhengling’s body.

Zhengling’s pale face gradually returned to blood.

Zhengling opened her eyes and saw the incomparably huge Jun Tianze, her heart was extremely heavy.

“Jun Tianze.” Zhengling cried, “How could you survive without 49 days.” The

Taoist priest in white smiled proudly: “Jun Tianze, Irene, this time you will all die. No one can save you. You guys.”

As soon as the Taoist priest in white finished speaking, all the spells in his hand flew towards Jun Tianze.

Jun Tianze was immediately fixed.

The Taoist roared: “Bring the soul beads.”

When he flew towards Jun Tianze, suddenly a machete was thrown from behind and hit him on the back.

The priest was forced to the ground.

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