Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2489

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Chapter 2489

When the Taoist turned back, he saw the adopted daughters of the Zhan family lined up in a row, looking at Jun Tianze heroically, and finally knelt down in unison. In front of Jun Tianze.

With a flick of Jun Tianze’s finger, the girls’ clothes suddenly turned into immortal white clothes, with high ponytails and long hair. They looked not only handsome, but also a little more fortitude.

They shouted in unison, “See you Your Highness.”

Jun Tianze said quietly, “Take him down.” The

girls turned their sharp eyes to the Taoist priest in white, and the Taoist priest in white looked nervous: “I didn’t expect you to be able to live without your soul. , recognize your guard. It’s a pity that these girls have been cursed. They may not be able to recall their soul skills. The guards without soul skills are just embroidered pillows.” After the

white-clothed Taoist finished speaking, he immediately ordered Prajna: “Hannya, Stop them.”

Prajna Xiemei smiled, and then drew a spell in front of him with his fingers, and when the spell burned, it revealed a machete.

That is the primary weapon of the soul skill.

Prajna’s machete was thrown at the guard. It was obviously a machete, but in the end, twelve were scattered.

The Taoist priest in white counted the number of guards and said with a big laugh: “Jun Tianze, you originally had twelve guards, why are there three less here?”

He suddenly remembered the three children who died in the Palace of Military Affairs . Eldest sister, fifth sister, and ninth sister. They were buried in the roof of Yujiazhai. Without three guards, the guard’s soul formation would not be able to exert its great power, and soon the machete would disperse the other sisters. They screamed in pain and fell to the ground to restore their modern appearance.

Zhengling was very anxious: “Jun Tianze is incomplete and his guards are not ready, what should we do?”

At this moment, Lord Zhan Han led Xiao Luo, Yu Chengqian and the others quickly.

“Zhengling.” Lord Zhan Han ran straight to Zhengling. He took her hand and said softly, “You’ve been missing for a long time, do you know how worried I am about you?”

Zhengling remembered what he had done to her last night, and slapped him directly. “Rogue.” He scolded him angrily.

jacob was dumbfounded.

Yu Chengqian smiled cheerfully: “Cousin, you have today too.”

jacob stroked his aching face and looked at Zhengling aggrievedly: “Wife, we are husband and wife.”

Zhengling quenched him and said, “Obviously not. I am Jun Tianze’s mother. You are not his father.”

jacob was so frustrated.

Zhengling’s memory seemed to need to be reorganized. But he also has a way to rein in her. He raised his chin and nodded at the Taoist priest in white: “Do you want me to save your son?”

Zhengling looked him up and down several times, with a look of disdain: “Just you?” She could sense people with soul power, but Zhan Han Sir, she can’t feel it.

So she thought he was a common man.

jacob approached her and teased, “Come back to be my wife, and I will save your son.”

Zhengling was slightly stunned. Where did she seem to have heard this?

“Are you okay?” she asked.

jacob said to Xiao Luo: “That woman is really arrogant. Xiao Luo, you go and destroy her.”

Prajna looked at jacob in disbelief. He didn’t expect him to be so heartless towards her.

“Why can’t you hurt me more after a thousand years?” Prajna asked angrily.

jacob said: “Because you always hurt me.”

Prajna was furious and jumped over.

Xiao Luo stepped forward and blocked a knife for Zhengling.

“Go away.” Xiao Luo said imposingly.

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