Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2490

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Chapter 2490

Xiao Luo and Hannya fought for more than a dozen rounds, and Hannya gradually became weaker. Jacob said to Xiao Luo from the side: “Kill her.”

Prajna went mad because of this sentence.

Her eyes were scarlet, and her eyes were full of unwillingness.

“How can you treat me like this? How can you? Obviously I should be your wife.”

“You are not. You should be Jun Tianze’s wife.” Jacob’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

“Irene, she is just a jacaranda you raised. Lord Zhan, you are in love with her.”

Jacob’s handsome face was gloomy. “Shut up.”

“No, I’m going to say it. She has been with me since you were born. But she should have been just a little flower spirit, but you violated the divine way and nourished her with your divine power. She is lucky. She is a human being, beautiful and graceful, and she is full of agility. She also depends on you. And you, you just think that she was created by you, and you can’t bear her sadness, so you must fulfill her desire for you. “

You treat her with pity and responsibility, not love at all.”

Zhengling looked at Jue Zhan Han in confusion: “Is what she said true?”

Jue Zhan squatted in front of Zhengling and gently stroked her. her head. “It’s all fake.”

Jun Tianze said faintly: “Hannya, you left me that day, I thought it was you and I had a different stand. But I didn’t think that you belonged in your heart. It’s just that the man you love is him. “

Jun Tianze came to Prajna, and Prajna was so frightened that he retreated again and again.

The Taoist priest in white saw that the situation was in critical condition and was helpless. He shouted to Prajna: “Hannya, I haven’t summoned the underground undead.”

Prajna opened his mouth wide, and when he kept closing, a thick smoke came out from the ground. Then the core of the earth shattered, and many undead soldiers emerged from the soil. They surrounded Jun Tianze.

Soon Jun Tianze was enveloped in black smoke. Seeing this, Zhengling shouted heart-rendingly: “No.”

Prajna laughed arrogantly: “You forced me.”

Xiao Luo was dragged by the undead and could not move.

He called to Zhengling: “Madam, if you want to decipher this formation, you need to find another soul of Jun Tianze.”

As long as the soul returns to its place, no one can help him. He is the unparalleled god of war after all.

Zheng Ling said: “Where is the other soul?”

Jacob pointed to the distance: “Where.”

Everyone followed Jacob’s gaze and saw Jason and Qiao Wan rushing towards.

“Susu.” Zhengling got up.

Jason ran over and saw that Zhengling was emaciated and haggard, but Daddy was alive and well. He looked at Jue Zhan Han very puzzled.

After all, in the past, as long as Daddy was present, Mommy would be safe and sound.

Jacob shrugged, very aggrieved: “Your mommy doesn’t want me anymore.”

Su Su was dumbfounded.

Zhengling stared at him and said angrily: “Who told you to bully me?”

Jacob said: “We are husband and wife, I’m not bullying you. I love you.”

“You perverted.” Zhengling roared.

Jason was dumbfounded. He had already noticed that his mother’s mind was a little unclear. “Daddy, what’s wrong with Mommy?”

“She has a confused memory. But I remember you.” He said jealously.

Jason took Mommy’s hand over. Put it in the palm of Lord Zhan Han. Said: “Mummy, he is Daddy. Daddy is the person who loves you the most in this world. Have you forgotten?”

Zheng Ling stared at Jue Zhan Han suspiciously, dubious.

But Susu’s words, she is sure of it.

“Su Su is really your son and my son?” she asked.

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