Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2491

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Chapter 2491

Jacob nodded like a garlic clover. Then he pulledJason’s face in front of him and asked Zhengling: “Did you see that? I share the same face with Susu. We are like a fake father and son.”

Zhengling looked at Jacob’s handsome face , and Susu, Jun Tianze’s face, nodded suspiciously.

When Jacob saw that she finally believed, he was very excited. It pulled Zhengling into its arms: “Wife, I said, I didn’t lie to you.”

Jason smiled comfortably when he saw that his father and mother loved each other so much. Then, his attention turned to Jun Tianze, seeing Jun Tianze shrouded in black smoke,Jason’s heart was filled with extremely strong anger of the same enemy.

He jumped and jumped into the black smoke.

“Susu.” Zhengling shouted, breaking her throat.

Black smoke billowed from all directions, and the black smoke wrapped in all directions, entanglingJason and Jun Tianze tightly.

When a line of sky appears in the sky. Zheng Ling almost fainted in shock.

At this time, a python flew over, it quickly wrapped around the black smoke column, and suddenly some of the condensed black smoke began to disperse. But the python consumes too much internal energy, and it is exhausted.

Zhengling grabbed Jacob’s hand and cried, “What should I do?”

At this moment, a miracle occurred, and golden characters shot out from the black smoke. They got into each person’s body flutteringly. Immediately, the soul absorbed into the characters began to undergo a huge reorganization. Their bodies are like traveling through a thousand-year tunnel, connecting the experiences of previous life in series.

The adopted daughters of the Zhan family, they remembered, they are the guards of His Highness Jun Tianze. They themselves have twelve, but the eldest sister, the fifth sister, and the ninth sister are dead. separated from them.

Yu Chengqian also remembered that he was Jun Tianze’s gentleman’s sword.

He and Xiao Luo are both his swordsmen.

“Master.” After Yu Chengqian and Xiao Luo, the adopted daughters of the Zhan family and the master jointly built the soul bridge, their hearts and hearts were connected again.

It turns out that for thousands of years, their mission to live is to wait for this day to come.

They flew into the smoke circle.

As for Guan Xiao and the others, some vague and strange images seemed to float in their minds, but Jue Zhan’s fingers flicked gently to calm their minds.

Then he fixedly looked at the smoke array.

The black smoke and the golden characters seem to be pulling the forces of good and evil, and they stare at the golden characters intently.

“Husband, who will win?” She suddenly turned to look at Lord Zhan Han.

Jacob said: “The soul army motivated by the dead Taoist priest is itself Jun Tianze’s dead army. He made them kill each other, which is really despicable and shameless.”

Zhengling said: “But Tianze’s soul army, why was he killed by him. Motivated?”

Jacob looked at Irene, “You really can’t tell who he is?”

Zhengling looked confused.

Jacob smiled brightly. “Zhengling, it’s right that you can’t remember him. Because he’s not worth staying in your imprint.”

He said happily, “Since you can’t remember him, I’ll do you a favor.”

Zhan Han Jue suddenly took out the python scepter and held it up high. He bit his finger and put the blood in the eyes of the python scepter, and suddenly thousands of golden characters were released from the scepter.

The characters got into Zhengling’s eyes and Zhengling saw many memories of previous lives.

Then the strange Taoist priest overlapped with someone in her painful memory.

She remembered that he was Jun Tianze’s biological father.

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