Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2492

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Chapter 2492

Those painful memories attacked like flowing water. She remembered. In her first life, she was a tree planted by the Emperor Wuji – a jacaranda tree. She accompanies Wuji to recite the scriptures and meditate every day, Xiu Shen asked.

But she has a lively temperament and doesn’t like such a boring life day after day, year after year, so she has a rebellious heart. She bewitched Wuji and entered the world with her. But Wuji said that his four elements are all empty.

In a fit of rage, she secretly blinded him. Then he was daring and put him to sleep. She thought, only in this way, Wuji will fall into the mundane world and go with her willingly.

But she was a coward again. After sleeping with him, she knew that she had made a huge mistake, so she ran away secretly.

Who would have thought that she was pregnant.

She wanted to honestly confess to Wuji, but when she met Wuji again, she saw Wuji looking at her with hatred and itchy teeth. He said that he would eat her alive.

She lost her courage immediately.

So she sneaked away while he was not looking.

This time, she became smarter. With the mysticism she learned from him, she disguised the children in her womb and found them a cheap daddy.

That is the dead priest in front of him. He was the king of the fence country at that time. He was attracted by her beauty and came to flirt with her every day. He also swore that he would be good to her child. At that time, she was innocent, believed his nonsense, and married him.

After the marriage, he showed his true colors. It turned out that he just wanted to use the fairy energy in her to save his queen.

And she was fortunate to have a divine fetus to protect her body. So he can’t move her.

He pretended to coax her again, and he said that he didn’t want her fairy spirit anymore, and he would treat her child as his own in the future. But the premise is that she must drink the water of forgetfulness.

In this way, she will forget her previous complex with other men.

She didn’t want to. For her, Wuji was her master, who gave her life, taught her how to be a human being, and taught her magic.

She couldn’t forget Wuji.

And he poisoned her despicably and shamelessly. Under the erosion of chronic poison, she quickly forgot Wuji. She regarded him as the child’s biological father.

Later, she gave birth to a child, and he was extremely indifferent to the child and indifferent to her. She was still sad at first, but then she secretly heard the discussion of the servants. The emperor only wanted her soul when he married her. Now that the child was born, should he want her soul?

She was terrified.

She ran away with the child all night, but the emperor caught her back. He revealed his evil purpose. He said:

“The child has already been born, so there is no divine fetus to protect you. I see how you can escape this time?”

When his men cast spells on her, her child gave out an aura to protect her. He was helpless, but he couldn’t do anything about her, so he had to keep her by his side.

Later, the child grew up slowly, and his talent was different from ordinary people. So someone said in the emperor’s ear that Jun Tianze was the god of war who could rule the world.

But she didn’t want her son to kill too much, and she didn’t want him to get involved in the dark political arena. unwilling to be used by him. So he used evil methods to wash away her memory.

In those years, he took away a lot of her memory and soul, and he turned her into a person with incomplete talent. She was at his mercy.

But despite her stupidity, she knew that he was by no means the best destination. She escaped with her son, and was eventually found by him, so she was imprisoned in the cold palace.

In the cold palace, she saved a little snake. She raised it carefully.

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