Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2493

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Chapter 2493

She also raised a pot of isatis.

Whether it was a snake or Isao, the time spent by Jun Tianze’s side was too long, and he gradually became infected with spiritual energy.

Until Wuji found her, this time because her soul was pulled away, she could no longer recognize Wuji. And Wuji did not embarrass her as she imagined, but instead rescued her and Jun Tianze from prison.


When Zhengling echoed these painful past events again, she also felt unbearable grief. She pointed at the Taoist priest and said to Jun Tianze with scarlet eyes: “Tianze, kill him. I want you to kill him.”

Suddenly the black smoke was dispersed by the golden light in the center, and the white-robed Taoist spit out a mouthful of blood. Prajna and Jun Xinyue jumped up immediately. Help him to escape quickly.

On the other hand, Zhengling and Jacob looked at Jun Tianze who came out of the golden light in astonishment.

His long hair was flying, and he said that his palm-sized face was like a bright moon, and his facial features were as handsome as a god, but his hideous face had a strong evil aura.

Long body and jade stand, elegant demeanor. She is truly a maddening beauty who is alluring the country and the city. However, it is no longer the appearance of Jason and Derek. He is more extraordinary than Susu and Hanbao, and he is more handsome than Susuhanbao.

When Zhengling saw him, he immediately froze.

Because at this moment Jun Tianze has merged with Su Su. After his supernatural power surged, he broke through the disguise technique that Zhengling planted for him.

He looks like his biological father Wuji at the moment.

That is the current Lord Zhan Han.

And what about the Lord of War.

Even more petrified.

His expression was very shocked, probably he had always mistakenly thought that Jun Tianze was the son of the dead Taoist priest in his previous life, and his stepfather, in order to hide from the sky and crossed the sea, made himself look like a child.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an Oolong game. It turns out that Jun Tianze was originally a child of Wuji. Presumably all of this was done by the culprit, Irene. It was she who stole the Yi Rong Soul Pill from his shrine, so she could deceive him.

Jacob turned his head to look at Zhengling blankly, while Irene had already crept away. It’s really a guilty conscience of being a thief, and it’s never been like this in my entire life.

“Come back.” Jacob angrily scolded Zhengling.

Zhengling turned around and begged Jue Zhan Han for mercy: “Brother Jue. Jun Tianze has returned. The dead Taoist priest also ran away. Should we go home for dinner?”

Jue Zhan Han said, “You won’t explain it to me. Now, why do Susu and Jun Tianze look different?”

Zhengling said, “They’re probably not the same person.”

“The soul and flesh are combined, you tell me they’re not the same person?” said Jacob.

Zhengling showed weakness on her face: “Brother Jue. Susu and Hanbao have both returned to Tianze’s body now. Why are they investigating their appearance now? Shouldn’t we find a way to get Susu and Hanbao back?? “

Jun Tianze walked to Zhengling, his hands clasped together, and a puff of white smoke came out of his body. Soon, there are soul threads in the head and heart that leave the body. When those soul threads left Jun Tianze’s body. Landing becomes a battle.

“Mummy, I’m back.”

“Susu. You came back just in time? Your father has something to ask you, you answer him. I’ll go first.” Zhengling pushed Jason in front of Jue Zhan Han. Run away by yourself.

Jun Tianze walked up to Jacob and said, “Daddy, my mother has never done anything to be sorry to you. She and the dead Taoist priest have never had a marriage together.”

Jacob looked at Jun Tianze, He was tall and like a giant. Difficult to get rid of God.

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