Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2494

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Chapter 2494

Jun Tianze and Su Su stand together, Jun Tianze looks like Wuji, and Su Su looks like him.

Jacob’s expression was indescribable. Some obscure images appeared in his mind.

“Wuji, are you really willing to give up the throne and be with Jacaranda from generation to generation? Even if she doesn’t remember you in every life? Even if you will experience the separation of husband and wife in every life? Even if you will have father and son in every life Suspicion? The moment when the husband and wife are against each other’s goals? Even if each of you may not reach the end in each life? Are you willing to give up everything you have now and accompany her to go down with her to the calamity above?”

“Buddha, as long as you can be with the jacaranda, I am willing to give up the title of God Emperor, I am willing to give up my immortality, and I am willing to give up magic. I just want the Lord to be perfect.”

“If you think about it, go ahead.”

“I beg the Lord to kick me for the last time I used the Disguise. “

Yes.” The Lord Buddha smiled meaningfully.

Jacob looked at Jun Tianze and Susu again. Finally, with a weak sigh, he cast his resentful eyes towards the direction where Zhengling disappeared.

Jun Tianze comforted Jacob: “Daddy, my mother is also afraid that you will punish him, so she will secretly give us a disguise. Who would have thought that Wuji, at the cost of giving up God’s Reverence, just to be our father? I also used the disguise technique.”

Jacob glared at him, complaining that he couldn’t open the pot and lift it.

“Jun Tianze, you’d better make Derek for me.” Finally Zhan Han Jue made a choice.

Since he chose his current appearance and became a common man, it would be inconvenient to return to his original appearance. Otherwise, the face change will cause an uproar.

And whether it is Jun Tianze or Dereksusu, then he can only follow him to make mistakes and carry out the Disguise Technique to the end.

Just remembering this mistake, but it was all caused by Zhengling’s nonsense, and Jacob’s heart was full of mixed feelings.

Jun Tianze swiped his hand in front of him, and a mirror immediately appeared in front of him. Jun Tianze looked at his face, it was an immortal face, that was the original appearance of Jacob and Susu.

Jun Tianze said: “Since Daddy has made a choice, it is wrong to decide to be wrong. Then I will fulfill Daddy. It’s just that if I return Hanbao’s soul silk to you, my mana will be greatly reduced. And I still have an unfulfilled wish. , I will definitely return Derek after I finish that thought.”

After Jun Tianze finished speaking, he turned into a breeze and disappeared.

Susu chased after him: “Tianze?”

Jacob looked at the direction where Jun Tianze was floating and said, “Susu, let him go.”

Jason said: “Daddy, there is only one left in Jun Tianze’s body. Two souls, after he returned Derek to us, his mana dropped sharply, so what should he do?”

“People have three souls and seven souls. When Jun Tianze suffered the blood curse, I used soul beads to protect the two souls. It was you and Han. Treasure. The remaining soul has almost collapsed. After a thousand years, Tian Ze has gathered the last soul, and that soul is his immortal root. It will not be nostalgic in the world.”

Jason realized.

“So it is.”

“Then what is he going to do now?”

“Now, Jun Tianze is going to fulfill Derek’s wish.”

Jason seemed to be enlightened.

On the Tianfeng Peak of Yujiazhai, three graves live next to each other.

A ray of golden light floated down. Landed and transformed into a humanoid Jun Tianze.

Jun Tianze’s handsome and charming eyes suddenly shot out a moon-white light, and the tomb exploded immediately when it hit the grave.

Immediately, several wooden coffins inside were exposed.

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