Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 250

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Chapter 250


He suddenly discovered that all the beauty in this world was nothing better than Irene.

He is willing to use his shocking wealth to exchange her life for peace.

He is also willing to use his lifespan to help her survive this disaster.

As long as she can wake up, even if he quarrels with her, he feels that everything is worth it.

Time is like an hourglass and flies very slowly.

Jacob felt that he had gone through several centuries.

Until the door of the intensive care unit was opened, Jacob strode forward, “What happened?” He was expecting and afraid of the answer from the doctor.

“President, the patient is out of danger.”

Upon hearing this, Jacob slowly showed a smile on his panic face.

However, the doctor told him, “The patient has bleeding in the lower abdomen, which is likely to cause loss of fertility. The patient has been very weak, so she fainted for so long when the injury was not serious.”

Jacob looked serious and listened carefully to the doctor’s instructions.

“In the future, patients need to be instructed to rest on time, not to be tired, and to avoid unhappiness, liver and gallbladder depression.”

Jacob nodded silently.

His heart sank a little bit. It turns out that Irene has had such a hard time over the years.

She always faces life with an optimistic look, but she hides herself and licks her wounds secretly.

It was all him, did not treat her well for a day.

“I see.” Jacob said.

Grace was transferred to the VIP ward, and it didn’t take long before she woke up leisurely.

The pupils stared wide, staring at the ceiling.

The swelling of a bruised face was reduced a lot due to the effect of the medicine. Looks very pitiful.

Jacob sat on the bedside, staring at her fixedly.

“What are you thinking about, so ecstatic?” he asked dumbly.

“It’s nothing, I was just thinking, I and the emperor are not at feng shui.” She choked.

Jacob remembered that she had encountered the trough of life in the imperial capital several times, and he felt very sorry for her.

After all, every time she returns to the emperor, it is because of him.

“When you’re done, let’s ask a monk to do it for you, and you won’t be so unlucky.” He said distressedly.

Grace’s eyes were red, and she remembered Bai Nanning’s words in her mind: Jacob hates her, detests her, and even hates that Jason is her child.

“No, there is no place to keep people here.” She said sadly.

Jacob was flabbergasted, and there was a huge anxiety in his heart.

Before she came to the imperial capital, all kinds of unlucky things would happen. When he asked her to come to the imperial capital, she was stubborn, “It’s a big deal, I will ask a monk to help me drive away evil spirits, and I won’t leave.”

But now, she offered to leave the imperial capital.

How wrong was it that she made such a decision?

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