Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 251

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Chapter 251

Grace woke up for a while, then fell asleep leisurely.

The doctor ordered Jacob to let her rest. Because she had a slight impact on her brain, she may have a slight concussion. Such patients are especially lethargic.

Jacob did not dare to disturb her, quietly looking at her sleeping face. At this time, no one saw it, a drop of tears quietly dripped onto the back of his hand.

No one would have thought that Jacob, who would never cry in cold heart, would shed tears for a woman!

At this moment, Jacob just realized: The man has tears and does not flick it lightly, but he is not sad!

He gently pressed the quilt for her, gently stamped his own lip mark on her lips, then got up and left.

He went downstairs to buy her a portion of millet porridge and answered the phone. When he went upstairs, he found Grace holding the phone tightly with both hands. Although she closed her eyes, there were tears in the corners of her eyes.

Jacob felt very distressed and walked over gently and took off her mobile phone. On the screen of the mobile phone, is a speech text translated by the software.

Jacob looked at the text above:

“Dad, she is lying. I know Shao Zhan hates this woman very much. He once told me in person that there is no woman he hates in this world, except Grace.”

“He really—he said that?”

“Young Master Zhan treats you not only as a disgust, but also hatred and hatred. He also said that he wanted to tear you up when he saw you-what he most often sighed was-why did you give birth to Jason?”

In Jacob’s eagle pupils, red blood filaments glowed with bloodthirsty brilliance.

Bai Nanning, actually said such cruel words to Irene?

But didn’t he say these words himself?

It is not so much that Bai Nanning is hurting his Irene, it is better to say that he is the culprit who hurt her.

Jacob had never hated himself at that moment like now. He stood up slowly and walked slowly outside. In the bathroom, he wetted his face with water.

He hates to see that face in the mirror. Why does he live so freely when he is in deep water?

The bright mirror was shattered by his fist.

“Ah—” He roared like a runaway lion.

His hands were dripping with blood.

When he cleared up his bad mood and returned to the ward, he seemed as if nothing had happened.

Naturally strong, he is unwilling to be manipulated by fate and controlled by bad emotions. He quickly adjusted his mood and decided to use his strength to change the current predicament.

The text in Grace’s phone that affected Grace’s mood was re-edited by him and turned into a beautiful love letter.

The harsh language that stung Grace from Bai Nanning’s mouth turned into “Master Zhan said, he loved you in the past, he loves you now, and he will love you forever in the future. Life does not end, love won’t stop—”

Then, Jacob put her mobile phone carefully under her pillow.

Grace was confused, awake for a while, sleepy for a while, this state persisted for a day, and the time for waking up became longer.

When she completely recovered her sober consciousness, Jacob was not by her side. When she took out her mobile phone to tell the children that she was safe, she saw the article deliberately tampered with by Jacob.

Grace burst into tears as she read it.

She thought it was God’s unintentional accomplishment, and she accidentally pressed Jian on the phone, so she wrote such a beautiful love letter.

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