Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 252

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Chapter 252

After reading it, she deleted this paragraph one by one…

She secretly said with tears, “Brother Jie, goodbye. This time, I really want to leave you. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Grace pulled out the indwelling needle in her hand and left the hospital quietly.

Jacob, who had just returned to the company, received an urgent call from Media Asia Hospital. “President, it’s not good, Miss Luo is gone.”

When Jacob heard the news, his long body trembled. Thinking of how she left without saying goodbye seven years ago, making him wanted all over the city without any result, his heart panicked for no reason.

“Guan Xiao, immediately block all exits in the city for me. This time, Grace must not be allowed to escape.”

Guan Xiao’s legs softened upon hearing this command.

In Guan Xiao’s view, it is easier to stop a fly than to stop Grace.


Jacob forced himself to be quiet, and he needed to use his wit to fight with Irene.

He kept comforting himself in his heart: She was able to escape seven years ago because she knew herself and the enemy, and she knew nothing about it. But he didn’t even know that Grace lived under another soul, and now that he knew it was her, he would never let her succeed.

After all, he taught a lot of her skills.

Jacob raised his wrist to look at his watch. It was still the kindergarten nap time.

Irene has a kind heart and a strong sense of responsibility, and will never leave her children alone.

Jacob hurried to the kindergarten, but the kindergarten teacher told him, “Miss Luo has been here not long ago and took Faith away. Let us forward you a thank you letter.”

The teacher forwarded the “Thank You Letter” to Jacob. Jacob didn’t think she would write him a thank you letter, so he could not wait to open the letter, which read:

Lord Zhan, I’m leaving, I think you are more suitable to take care of Derek than me. So you will stay with Derek, hoping you can love him for me.

Tell Jason, I love him. The reason for abandoning him back then was not because he didn’t love, nor was it decided by lottery, but Derek was weaker, so I made a decision in favor of Derek.

Sorry, Lord Zhan, I don’t know that you hate me so much. If you know, I wouldn’t bind you and me tightly in this way seven years ago. This is your misfortune and my misfortune.

When I’m gone, let me take away your resentment towards me, take away my disagreement, and from now on, you will be well forever!

Grace Hanliu

This is a farewell letter.

Jacob crumpled the letter into a ball and tore it to pieces.

“Irene, you are wrong, we shouldn’t end this way!”

Jacob picked up Jason and Derek ahead of time. When the two Mengbao saw Daddy, they seemed to realize that something bad had happened, and they were all panicked.

“Daddy, why did Mommy only take Faith?” With tears in his eyes, Derek asked sadly, “Does Mommy want me?”

Jacob picked up Derek, and took Jason to stride towards Rolls Royce.

“Daddy, did you quarrel with Mommy? Did you get Mummy away?” Jason asked angrily.

After squeezing the two children into the back seat, Jacob told them very seriously, “Daddy is going to chase Mommy back. If you don’t want to lose Mommy, just follow my instructions obediently.”

“Yeah.” Derek and Jason nodded at the same time.

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