Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 253

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Chapter 253

Jacob drove the car, originally going to the direction of the airport. However, Guan Xiao suddenly made a phone call, which caused him to temporarily change his mind.

“President, someone saw Grace appear at Yinian Chongzhen’s door an hour ago. But after standing there for a while, she didn’t know where to go. This is the final target position of Grace we have found so far. , She has been out of contact for an hour.”

“Okay, I see. Continue to investigate!” Jacob hung up, turned the front of the car, and drove in the direction of Yancheng.

He was actually not sure that Grace would go to Yancheng, he just felt that since she couldn’t let go of Yan, maybe she would visit her grandfather, Mr. Yan before leaving.

The distance from Yancheng to the imperial capital was about 120 kilometers, but it took Jacob only forty minutes to reach Yancheng.

Jacob drove too fast and scared the two children into a ball.

Suddenly Jacob looked back at the child, and solemnly told, “No matter who you see in a while, remember to be polite.”

Derek nodded.

Jason said silently.

He was a little reluctant to let him communicate with strangers.

“Jas?” Jacob’s gaze fell on Jas’s face, and he asked seriously, “Have you heard?”

“Oh.” Jason said dullly.

I wondered, who will be the person I will see later? People who can get so much attention from Daddy must have an extraordinary relationship with them.

When the off-road vehicle drove into the alley of Yan’s courtyard house, Jacob was forced to stop because the road became more and more cramped and the body appeared congested.

“Get off.” Jacob got off at the fastest speed. Without even taking care of the two children, he hurried to the gate of the courtyard.

He knocked on the door hurriedly, and it didn’t take long for me to hear a voice from inside, “What’s the matter today? Why do people always knock on the door?”

The door opened, and the one who opened the door was a dignified and virtuous middle-aged woman in a cheongsam. Although she is getting older, she has fair skin, few wrinkles, and a loving face.

It is Irene’s mother!

“Jacob?” Mother Yan saw Jacob, tears in her eyes. “Why are you here? Hurry up, come in and sit down.”

“Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to accompany you today. I asked you if there was a girl just now, she is so tall, big eyes, round face, long hair—”

Mother Yan nodded and said, “she just came here, and it didn’t take long to leave. She went over there. She was a strange girl who kept silent looking at me, just crying…”

At this time, Derek and Jason finally ran over with their short legs. The two Meng Bao police officers remembered Daddy’s instructions, and Derek bowed down and shouted politely, “Hello Grandma.”

Jas looked at Derek with a stiff expression on his face. But still learning Derek’s way, bent over slightly and said, “Good day, grandma.”

Jacob immediately corrected, “Call Grandma.”

Derek and Jas changed their words again, “Hello Grandma.”

Seeing these two lovely children, Yan’s mother suddenly whispered in tears, “Really good. The child is like you, Jacob, you are blessed. You should forget Irene and get along with the child’s mother….”

Jacob absently watched Grace’s departure direction, fearing that he would not be able to catch up with Grace, Jacob had to bid farewell to Yan mother in a hurry, “Mom, I have to go. See you later.”

Jacob hurried away with the children.

Yan’s mother watched Jacob and the children leave, and suddenly realized that Jacob just called her mother?

Did he always call her Aunt Gui before?

And he asked the child to call her grandmother?

Mother Yan lost her mind for a moment. Was Jacob’s deliberate change to comfort her bereaved heart?

Still is…

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