Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 254

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Chapter 254

A hint of doubt appeared in Yan’s mother’s eyes.

Jacob ran out of the intersection with the child and saw Grace holding Faith with one hand, and the suitcase with one hand, seeming to wander aimlessly.

“It’s Mommy!” Derek shouted with excitement.

Jacob covered his mouth and whispered to the child, “Don’t startle, scare Mommy away.”

Derek hurriedly covered his mouth, “Daddy, what shall we do now?”

“Secretly follow Mommy.”


Grace came to Yan’s property—Sishui Nianhua Hotel. After showing her ID at the front desk, she asked for a single room and stayed in.

After Grace went upstairs, Jacob walked in with Derek and Jason.

Jacob winked at Derek, and Derek kept releasing his cuteness to the young ladies at the front desk. “Miss Sister, I want to live next door to the beautiful sister just now.”

Jacob was stunned. Although he gave instructions to Derek to make him try to confuse the receptionist to tell Grace’s room number, he did not expect him to use such a trick.

The young lady at the front desk looked at the three sassy and handsome men, how they could remember their professional ethics.

“You sign your sister, and your sister will let you get what you want.”

Derek nodded.

However, when the receptionist took out the banknotes for Derek to sign, Derek temporarily made up a new name-Si Han!

Looking at the name, Jacob wanted to praise his son’s wisdom.

It’s pretty good if you don’t show your real name casually!

The receptionist really arranged Derek and the others next door to Grace. Grace’s room number is 919, and their room number is 917.

“Daddy, what should I do next?” Derek stood in front of Jacob, his eyes gleaming with stars.

Seeing Derek’s interest in reuniting his parents, Jacob had mixed feelings. He touched Derek’s head and said with emotion, “Derek, have you always hoped that Daddy and Mommy will remarry?”

Derek nodded like pounding garlic. The twin pupils shot out expectant light, “Can you, Daddy?”

Jacob said in a very affirmative tone, “Daddy promises you, chase Mommy, we won’t be separated again.”

When Jason heard such good news, those cold eyes burst into a rare surprise.

It’s just that Jason’s eyes dimmed again soon.

He walked up to Jacob, and the little adult seemed to ask, “Daddy, will you love Mommy? Just like the girl you treasure in your heart?”

Jacob looked at the young and old Jas, nodded, and smiled, “Jas, Daddy loves Mommy more.”

When I was young, I didn’t know how to feel sad, and the love at that time seemed pale and tender.

Now that he understands Irene’s dedication and dedication to love, his love for her has increased unabated.

Jason suddenly laughed brightly.

Jacob was dumbfounded, because Sui Su rarely showed such strong emotions.

Jacob took his two sons into his arms and said, “Now, Daddy needs your help to help me keep Mommy.”

“Leave it to me.” Jason said.

Derek said, “I can help you too.”

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