Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 255

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Chapter 255

As night fell, the lights came on.

Grace stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, holding her arms, overlooking the blossoming flowers of Yancheng.

Once, the Yan family was the master of Yancheng.

But now?

Her mother lives in a secluded courtyard house, and her grandfather lay barely alive in a public hospital. The Yan family’s properties were acquired by others and were about to face bankruptcy.

The elder brother founded Chongzhen, but he was unwilling to accept the decline of the Yan family and tried to use the Yan family’s old friends and relatives to help him make a comeback. But her brother didn’t understand that if those previous relationships were useful, the Yan family would not fall so quickly.

There is no new star in Yan’s enterprise, and the old man can’t afford it again. Who would believe that the Yan family will make a comeback?

Grace sighed.

That car accident, it turned out that it was not her fate that changed, but the fate of Yan’s entire family!

After all, she was crazy about love when she was young and never thought about the consequences, so she paid a heavy price.

Fortunately-she knows when she is lost.

She remembered what her grandfather taught her: Irene, life is not easy, and when the scenery is bright, she will face the risk of falling into a trough and falling into the mud. You have to remember that you are not arrogant when you stand high, and you are not humble when you fall into a low point. Keep your arrogance and your self-confidence. Only by working hard will you create greater glory.

The frustration in Grace’s eyes slowly turned into perseverance.

On the bed, Faith was already fast asleep, snoring one after another.

Grace quietly left the hotel, she was going to the hospital to visit grandpa.

The sound of opening the door alarmed the man next door.

Jacob’s eyebrows, where is this girl going so late?

How can he rest assured that she is floating outside alone?

He followed her quietly and Grace went straight to Yancheng Hospital.

The old man of the Yan family used to be a man of great power in Yancheng and covered the sky with one hand, but now, he is as thin as wood, with a tube stuck in it, lying on the hospital bed lifelessly.

Next to the hospital bed, sat a middle-aged man.

He took the old man’s hand and smiled evilly, hypocritically expressing his concern for the old man: “Chairman, the doctor said you are about to die, I think you must be worried about the Yan’s enterprise that you founded? Today I’m just like you reporting on the current situation of the company.”

Grace stood outside the door, listening to the movement inside.

She recognized the man who was chatting with her grandfather. His name was Tian Yuan Hao. He was originally his grandfather’s driver. Grandpa trusted him so much that he let him study in the company. He was smart and easy to learn. He climbed from the grass-roots staff to the director and finally to the vice president. s position.

Everyone said that this man was upright and loyal, and he was very rewarding.

However, Irene secretly saw that he had an affair with her father’s lover, and reminded her grandpa to beware of him many times, and she did not know whether Yan’s family fell into such a field, whether it was related to this man with different appearances.

Tianyuan Hao continued to say leisurely, “Basically all of the Yan family’s properties have been bought by our pastoral family. But for the sake of your support to me, I have left a few sets for your ineffective children and grandchildren. Real estate leaves them to Yan’s film and Television Company, which is losing money every year.”

When Grace heard this, her fists clenched with anger.

“President, you can die with peace of mind. How uncomfortable this pipe is, let me take it off for you. Okay? Aha?”

The man’s wanton laughter came out, and as the footsteps approached, Grace dodged to the other side.

Tian Yuanhao opened the door and walked out and saw a girl standing at the door of the neighboring ward. He couldn’t help but stared at her more.

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