Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 265

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Chapter 265

Bai Nanning seemed to hear a fantasy, “Impossible, I can’t do it if I apologize to that ignorant and mean woman.”

The Guan Xiao dialect had already been brought, and he lost his patience and said coldly, “Then Miss Bai will just wait to see how Bai’s struggles in the dire straits. Maybe-on the verge of bankruptcy, the Rockwell enterprise that everyone calls for is your future. “

Bai Nanning always sneered at Luo’s on the verge of bankruptcy, thinking that their eminent Bai’s would turn to the point where Luos was ridiculed by the citizens of the city, her arrogant princess fell into the darkness of fear a little bit.

“Please, let me see the war less.”

Guan Xiao looked at the arrogant Miss Bai like a bereaved dog, couldn’t help but smack his lips, and said regretfully, “Miss Bai, forgive me for nothing.”

Bai Nanning disregarded the image and shouted, “Zhan Shao, I am Nanning, please come out and see me, I know I was wrong.”

What responded to her was the infinite desertedness and loneliness at the end of the corridor.

Bai Nanning sat depressed on the ground, hiding her face and weeping. “I really know it was wrong. Shao Zhan…”

Jacob walked out of the office, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked towards Bai Nanning vigorously.

Bai Nanning smiled after seeing Shao Zhan.

She knew that Jacob still had nostalgia for her.

Jacob walked up to her, stopped, frowned, “Bai Nanning, do you really want me to forgive you?”

Bai Nanning nodded innocently. “As long as Shao Zhan can forgive me and let the Bai family go, you can do anything you want me to do?”

“Really?” Jacob asked with a stern face.

“Yes.” Bai Nanning said.

“I heard that you slapped Grace eleven. I have always had a clear grudge. As long as you can bear the eleven slaps given to you by my bodyguard, this account will be cancelled. How about?”

After Jacob said, he winked at the bodyguard next to him.

The bodyguard immediately stood up, and Bai Nanning shivered with fear when seeing the powerful body of the bodyguard Kong Wu.

Let him slap her in the face, and she might bleed and die. Let alone eleven slapped.

Shao Zhan is determined to kill her?

He was so cruel to her, not showing any affection?

“Afraid? Then I will show you a way to survive.” Jacob said:

“Go and apologize to Grace and ask for her forgiveness. If she can forgive you, I will let you go. If she is unwilling to forgive you, then you Bai will not see the sun in the future. By the way, with your hands as interest.”

After speaking, Jacob strode away.

Bai Nanning got up in embarrassment and walked outside desperately.

Shao Zhan forced her to apologize to Grace?

She can’t do it.

But it seems that Shao Zhan is serious this time, if she doesn’t follow Shao Zhan’s words, their Bai clan will become the laughing stock of the imperial capital.

What’s more frightening is that Young Master Zhan will cut off her hand?

Wouldn’t she be a handicapped that everyone despised by then?

Not as good as Grace?

What should she do?

Calendar garden.

The afterglow of the setting sun scatters on this elegant white building, shimmering with golden light, like a bright golden ocean.

Grace sat on the swing in the vestibule, swaying gently, staring at the green-black asphalt road outside the fence, lost in thought.

Jacob placed her in this beautiful villa, and asked the servants to take care of her and give her a pampered life. What does he mean?

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