Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 266

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Chapter 266

The whistle sounded melodiously, and the carved iron door sensed the owner’s breath and consciously opened his arms. The luxurious Rolls-Royce drove in slowly.

The window suddenly slid open, and Jacob stuck his head out and looked at Grace.

Even if he didn’t speak, didn’t make any modification, and just looked at her quietly like that, his breathtaking eyes were still full of power, which made Grace feel fascinated.

“Master Zhan, are you back?”

Grace walked down from the swing, she was very surprised, after all, it was quite far from where to work. She thought he would not come back here.

Jacob parked his car by the side of the road, opened the door and walked out.

Standing in front of Grace, with a light smile in his eyes, he said with a hint of playfulness, “Are you waiting for me?”

In the countless scenes he had imagined, Irene sat on the swing and waited for him to return home.

Today is really realized.

Grace felt a little embarrassed, stretched out her hand to pin the messy hair around her ears, and said in embarrassment, “Master Zhan, I have a lot of doubts in my heart. I want to talk to you, okay?”

Jacob said, “The rest of your life is very long, don’t worry for a while. Come in, it’s windy outside.”

Grace pursed her mouth, is he deliberately prevaricating her?

She was a little unwilling to be manipulated like this, so she followed him into the house, went upstairs together, and entered his room together…

She was determined to make it clear to him.

Even if it is a loveless marriage, even if it is a marriage where interests are paramount, she should be used clearly.

Jacob knew that there was a tail behind him, and the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

After entering the room, Yeli smiled, “Close the door for me.”

Grace didn’t think much, but closed the door obediently with her backhand.

Jacob turned his back to her, reached out and unlocked the buttons of his clothes, and each piece of clothing fell on the ground. Grace was shocked and screamed, “Ah! What are you going to do?”

“Bath, is there a problem?” Jacob smirked.

“Why don’t you tell me if you want to take a bath?” Grace hurried out, covering her eyes.

Jacob’s evil voice came from behind her, “I’m about to get married, is this shy?”

Grace flushed with shame and ran faster.


“Ouch!” Grace panicked and hit the door panel unexpectedly.

The traumatized forehead, being hit like this caused Grace to scream without image.

Jacob stepped up with his long legs, pulled her up, and seriously checked her injuries.

The pain slowly receded, and Grace noticed that she was facing a beautiful mermaid.

Lean and sturdy without losing a beautiful figure, the proud mermaid line brings out the golden ratio of eight pack abs. This man is really a typical representative of thin clothes and fleshy clothes.

“Does it look good?” Seeing his little woman staring at his abdominal muscles, Jacob made a gentle smile.

Grace quickly turned around and turned his back to her. Said incoherently, “I… didn’t mean to watch…”

He arrogantly broke her over to face him, “Let’s see if you want. Anyway, we are getting married. After marriage, we must “see you frankly.”

He deliberately emphasized the “frank meeting”, so Grace couldn’t help thinking about it.

When they “frankly met” seven years ago, was she the overlord who made the bow?

“You…” She blushed with red ears, and quickly opened the door to escape.

Jacob couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile.

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