Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 231

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Chapter 231

Not only him!

When the other forces heard that Shaun turned out to be the boss behind the Tianlong Group, they almost freaked out one by one.

One after another, they wanted to come to see Mr. Lin.

And when Yang Jinshui heard that Ma Hong has some relation with the Bai family, he sent him to inform them that he is coming in person to their home.

“Ma Hong, you did a good job!”

Yang Jinshui nodded in satisfaction.

“Relax! If things go well today, I will transfer you to the board of directors when I go back.”


This sentence made Ma Hong happy.

Shanda Group Board of Directors!

He has been struggling for more than 20 years in Shanda, and he was unable to enter, but now, after only a trip to the Bai family, he unexpectedly achieved his dream, which made him extremely ecstatic.

Not only him!

Bai Yan next to her was also full of spring, obviously feeling extremely glorious.

“Hahaha… Mr. Bai, long time no see!”

Yang Jinshui didn’t have time to care about Ma Hong at the moment, and then a thick smile appeared on his face, and he greeted Mr. Bai.

“Dong Yang, this time it’s our Bai family who is at fault, so I’m really sorry!”

Mr. Bai said with a wry smile.


Yang Jinshui waved his hand readily:

“My grandfather, what are you talking about? We came to visit Mr. Lin. This is right!”

Mr. Lin?

This sentence made the expressions on the faces of Bai family members stiff.

They thought they had heard it wrong now.

It’s more than that!

Yang Jinshui waved his hand, and the assistant next to him immediately handed him a stack of documents.

“Mr. Bai, this time to express our Shanda Group’s apologies and guilt to Mr. Lin! We have convened a board of directors, and we want to have in-depth cooperation with Bai Group!”

“This is a three-year, three-billion-dollar order! It is funded by our Shanda Group, and will share the account with your Bai Group! You nine, Shanda One!”


This sentence made Mr. Bai and all the family members stunned and completely confused.

Three billion orders in three years!

Shanda paid money in advance!

Bai’s Nine?

Grand One?

Damn… Damn it!

At this moment, whether it was Mr. Bai or all the other senior members of the Bai family, they all couldn’t believe their ears.

After all, the market value of their Bai Group is less than 3 billion.

But now, it is almost equivalent to not having to pay a penny for them, and a person can earn 2.7 billion in vain within three years without assistance!

2.7 billion…


Grandpa Bai, Haibai, Bai Yan, and others couldn’t help swallowing their spit, only feeling that they were smashed by the pie falling from the sky.

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