Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 267

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Chapter 267

After coming out of the shower, Jacob glanced at the dim corridor on the second floor, all bedrooms were closed tightly, frowning.

He asked Grace and the children to choose the room they liked, and it seemed that they had successfully avoided him as a neighbor.

Is he so scary?

Jacob went downstairs, and the servant Zhang Ma was busy preparing dinner.

Seeing Jacob, Zhang’s mother said very kindly, “Master, dinner will be ready soon. I’m going to ask the young lady and the children to come down for dinner.”

Zhang Ma was originally a super chef in the tourmaline manor, and she has been in the tourmaline manor for the longest time. Because Jacob’s mother solved many family problems for her, Zhang’s mother, who was informed by Zhien Tubao, played against the big The room is very good. It even regarded Jacob as his own.

Jacob also trusted Madam Zhang very much, so he took Madam Zhang out to take care of Grace and her children despite the opposition of the other rooms.

Zhang Ma’s cooking skills and character are good, which is what Jacob values most.

Jacob nodded, his eyes followed Zhang Ma’s slightly rickety back and reached the top floor of the villa.

The dark pupil was covered with a chill. He lived on the second floor. She went to live on the fourth floor. She deliberately chose the farthest room in the villa. What did she mean?

When Grace brought the children downstairs, Jacob’s face was sullen.

He was an unsmiling person. When he was not speaking, he seemed to have invaded the ice cellar, not to mention deliberately straddling his handsome face.

The air pressure in the room instantly dropped below freezing.

Grace and the children took their seats in the dining chairs one after another.

Jacob sat above, and he didn’t want to make the atmosphere so rigid. But when he is in a bad mood, his complexion will be bad, and the cold breath that he was born with will uncontrollably show.

Grace had always been a counselor in front of him.

Derek is accustomed to observing his words, his daddy is in a bad mood, and it is better not to provoke him.

Jason didn’t bother to pay attention to Daddy.

Only Faith stretched out her soft hand and touched his dark face, not afraid of death to provoke him, “Uncle, why is your face so dark? Would you like to wash it with bleach?”

Jacob turned his head to look at Faith. Faith is cute and soft, but there is madness hidden in his bones. Like Irene, he usually looks docile and will stretch out his paws at you if he is anxious.

“Are you afraid of me?” Jacob’s language didn’t have any warmth.

He found it strange that he had seen all kinds of cruel characters in the mall, and when they saw his face collapsed, they would inevitably shiver and sweat.

But this little bun, he was angry, she stared at him. Why is she not afraid of him?

“Why should I be afraid of you, you are not a tiger.” Faith said confidently.

“Faith, don’t talk during dinner.” Grace quickly reminded Faith.

I’m afraid that the two people who are indifferent to each other will get worse because of this small matter.

Jacob glanced at Grace who was on the opposite side, and saw her nervousness overflowing on her body surface, and her expression was relieved. Don’t say anything deeply, “Well, I’m not afraid why I have to live in such a high place?”

Faith was very honest, “It was Mommy who said it would be safer to stay away from the second floor.”

Grace almost sprayed rice.

Jacob Binghan shot her gaze like a knife, “I want to know the scientific basis for the fourth floor to be safer than the second floor?”

Grace poked the numb scalp with the head of her chopsticks. Where is there any scientific basis? She just wanted to stay away from him as an excuse.

Sharpened her head and thought for a long time before squeezing it out, “Four is my auspicious number.”

Jacob: “…”


Grace didn’t dare to speak any more, lowered her head and hurriedly picked up rice.

“Remove all for me.”

When he heard Jacob’s command unexpectedly, Grace was a little dazed.

“Warlord, why? Moving things is very troublesome.”

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