Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 268

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Chapter 268

She just didn’t want to move anyway.

Jacob said, “Mother Zhang is too old to climb stairs.”

Grace had to admit her fate.

After dinner, Grace went upstairs to move things.

Jacob called the three adorable treasures, “You can choose any room on the second floor, but remember to stay away from Daddy.”

Jason put one hand in his trouser pocket and nodded coolly. “I know.”

Derek was a little confused and asked Jason, “Jas, why didn’t Daddy let us live next door to him?”

Jason said without looking back, “Because you are not mommy.”

Derek had an epiphany, “Oh!”

Faith grimaced at Jacob, “Who rarely lives next to you!”

When Grace moved down from the fourth floor with toiletries, he found that the room on the second floor was almost occupied by three bear children.

Only Jacob’s next door is left.

Jason occupies all the three rooms farthest from Daddy’s, and uses them as a study, bedroom, and toy room.

Derek occupied three rooms next to Jason, namely the bedroom, the piano room, and the practice room.

Faith only needs two rooms: the bedroom and the studio.

Grace didn’t want to be next to Jacob, so she went to ask his son Zhansu, “Jas, Mommy will change the room with you, okay?”

Jacob’s voice came like a charm, “Grace, don’t bully the small with the big.”

Grace had to walk towards Jacob’s bedroom holding the basin with toiletries.

As she passed by Jacob, Jacob suddenly stretched out his hand, Grace looked at him in astonishment, “Master Zhan——”

He grabbed the basin in her hand and walked to Grace’s new room with it.

When Grace came to the door, she said bitterly to Jacob, “Master Zhan, it’s too wasteful not to live on the fourth floor. Should I live on the fourth floor?”

Jacob said, “The fourth floor is for pets. I won’t stop you if you want to go.”

“What kind of pets are you going to raise?” Grace cautiously asked.

Of all the pets, she is most afraid of turtles.

As long as it’s not a tortoise, she doesn’t mind living with other pets.

It’s better than living next door to the war master.

“Turtle!” Jacob’s mouth made a smug smile.

Grace swallowed her saliva and hurriedly stepped into the new room with one foot.

“What’s bad to raise, why raise a tortoise?” he muttered.

“The tortoise has a long life,” she said.

Grace was obviously frightened, sitting on the bedside and kicking.

When she was a child, she was bitten by the Brazilian tortoise raised by Jacob, and the dead tortoise bit her hand forever, which became her nightmare for years.

However, for so many years, she haven’t seen him raise a tortoise. Why did he pick up this hobby again?

“Master Zhan, I live here.” Grace looked around the bedroom. The room was decorated with pink wallpaper, which looked very warm and dreamy.

“Good here.”

“Where is it?” He put her toiletries in the bathroom and came out, and he heard her heartfelt admiration.

Grace thinks that everything is good. The colors, the new Chinese-style beds, and those simple symbols, the hollow folding screen of the moonlight in the lotus pond, are her favorite new Chinese decoration styles.

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