Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 238

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Chapter 238


All the Bai family members got stunned.

How, how is it possible!

A big man like Tianlong Xu with all Tianlong directors is here to meet Baishan to discuss cooperative measures?

This is really like a fantasy.

“This morning, our Tianlong Group was about to shut down by our boss because of one thing!”

“Thankfully, it was Mr. Baishan’s words that saved our group!”

“Therefore, Tianlong Group has negotiated with Mr. Baishan, and will open all sales channels under the group for free, and will boost the Bai Group’s drug sales!”

“And this time, in addition to bringing a cooperation agreement, we also intend to give tens of billions of orders for the Bai family!”


In Tianlong Xu’s words, every word seemed like thunder, bombarding the hearts of all the Bai family members.

Making the faces of the Bai family members pale as paper.

Suddenly They remembered, Bai Shan said before that he had made an agreement with Tianlong Xu and is not afraid of Yang Jinshui’s revenge.

At that time, all the Bai family laughed at Baishan!

But they couldn’t even dream that it will be true!

The nightmare of the Bai family has just begun!

Tianlong Xu’s tiger eyes, like a sharp sword, swept across the members of the Bai family, showing anger:

“I just heard that someone insulted Mr. Lin as trash, someone called Miss Elvira an idiot! Even, your Bai family expelled them from the group!”

“good, very good!”

“So today, I put my words here! Tianlong Group announced again that it will mobilize all connections to block all businesses of the Bai family! Anyone who cooperates with the Bai family will be included in the Tianlong Group’s blacklist! “

Revenge on the blacklist!

When they heard that Tianlong Xu wants to activate all the contacts to completely ban the Bai family.


Mr. Bai, Haibai, and the others felt that their heads were struck by lightning, causing their bodies to tremble fiercely, and they almost fainted.

How… how can this happen!

At this moment, all the Bai family members got stuck.

They couldn’t believe that Tianlong Xu with all the directors of Tianlong, is here to meet Baishan to discuss cooperative measures.

They couldn’t believe it even more, just because of the verbal attack on the Baishan family by them Tianlong Xu showed such a wave of thunderous anger.

What is this?

Suddenly, the Bai family members got silent.

Especially Bai Yan!

As the newly appointed president of the Bai Group, if the group got blocked by Tianlong, then she will suffer the most.

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