Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

Could it be that Baishan had offended Tianlong Xu, so he is here in person and even brought all the Tianlong directors to shock us?

All the Bai family members can think of such a possibility because they think their family has no qualification to invite Tianlong Xu home.

Suddenly, Mrs. Bai’s expression completely changed.

He stared at Baishan angrily.

“Baishan, don’t you hear, come here quickly and apologize to Mr. Tianlong Xu!”

“I don’t know, what did you and your trash son-in-law do for a living! That trash Shaun offended Dong Yang, and you provoke Dong Xu!”

“What is the problem with you and your son-in-law? Do you want to destroy our Bai family?”

It’s not only Grandpa Bai!

Haibai and others next to him were also angry at Baishan.

Their Bai family has just received super orders from Yang Jinshui and others.

If it is true that, Baishan has offended Mr. Tianlong Xu then forget about the orders, Tianlong Xu is going to destroy their entire family for sure.

Thinking of this!

Haibai and others also yelled at Baishan:

“Baishan, what are you doing in the corner? Kneel and apologize to Mr. Xu and the others!”

“Yes! Third Uncle, you have to kneel for Dong Yang. After all, that trash in your family has offended Dong Yang!”

“Huh! And that Elvira, she is stupid to step down as president at this time! All the family members are idiots?”



At this moment, almost all the Bai family members showed their greatest malice towards Baishan, Shaun, and Elvira!


When the shouting of these Bai family members gradually stopped, they were surprised to find that the atmosphere here seemed to be a bit changed.

That’s right!

Many Bai family members saw that the smiles of Tianlong Xu, Yang Jinshui, Xu Yangsheng, and other big men disappeared. Instead, they were all green, and they all looked like they wanted to do something disastrous.

What’s wrong?

Mr. Bai, Haibai, and others could not believe their eyes.

After all, Tianlong Xu and others were happy just now, what happened within seconds!

What happened to them?

Tianlong Xu suddenly snorted:

“good very good!”

“What a group of people you are with the hearts of stone!”


Tianlong Xu’s voice, with endless icy cold, instantly sent all the Bai family members into an ice cellar, shaking with cold.

Everyone felt that something was wrong!

Especially when Tianlong Xu’s next words were uttered, suddenly all the Bai family members were struck by lightning!

“I am here to discuss cooperative measures with Mr. Baishan! But I did not expect to see your Bai family humiliating Mr. Baishan, Mr. Shaun, and Miss Elvira!”

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