Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 264

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Chapter 264

Anyone who is an enemy of Jacob, the Patriarch of the Zhan Family is absolutely partial to his precious grandson.

When Director Bai received the reply from the old man, he was frustrated.

Rao Shi sighed helplessly, glanced at Bai Nanning, and said, “Nanning, you must tie the bell to untie the bell. This happened because of you, or you should apologize to Shao Zhan.”

Bai Nanning whispered, “Oh, I see.”

As long as she is not asked to apologize to that crude Grace, she can do anything to save the Bai family.

Bai Nanning very deliberately put on a delicate makeup for herself, and went to Media Asia in her most satisfactory state.

As usual, Bai Nanning walked straight to the president’s office as if there was no one. However, as soon as she came out of the elevator entrance on the ninth floor, Guan Xiao hugged her arms, leaned back on the stone wall lazily, and looked at her with a smile.

“Miss Bai, I’m sorry, our president is not seeing guests today.”

Bai Nanning’s face became embarrassed, and she cast her eyes on the president’s office in front of him, the place where she once wanted to go. Now he has set a ban on her.

“Guan Xiao, I have something to tell him.” Bai Nanning said as she walked inside.

Guan Xiao clapped his hands, and two handsome bodyguards immediately appeared in front of him, intercepting Bai Nanning. “Miss, please go back!”

“What if I have to go there?” Bai Nanning felt that with her distinguished status, these bodyguards had no guts to touch her.

Unexpectedly, the face slap came too fast, Guan Xiao walked over and said, “If Miss Bai must break through, I can only deal with you as someone who offended the president. You know the consequences…”

Guan Xiaoyin glanced over Bai Nanning’s body, and Bai Nanning flinched immediately.

“Guan Xiao, I’m Bai’s daughter anyway…”

Before Bai Nanning finished speaking, Guan Xiao interrupted her, “Miss Bai, with all due respect, if your last name is okay, our president has been very angry recently!”

Bai Nanning shuddered unconsciously, and now he realized it with hindsight. Guan Xiao dared to embarrass her a lot today, which was also instructed by Jacob.

Bai Nanning’s Tsundere’s face collapsed in an instant, and his aura was not small, she said dejected, “Then… did he say, how can he let the Bai family go?”

Guan Xiao waved to the two bodyguards, “Go down.”

The two bodyguards also knew that they were useless as heroes and retreated cleanly.

Guan Xiao approached Bai Nanning and whispered, “Miss Bai, if you want Zhan Shao to let the Bai family go, then you have to evacuate the anger accumulated in Zhan Shao’s heart.”

“Guan Xiao, don’t sell it. As long as you help the Bai family through this difficult time, I will not treat you badly.” Bai Nanning said.

Guan Xiao shook his head, sure enough, if there is a father, there must be a daughter. “You are still like Dad, you always want to buy me. Let me tell you the truth, the people around Shao Zhan are not so easy to buy. Especially me, it’s even harder to buy.”

Bai Nanning’s frustration may have been tasted today. It was originally an arrogant big cock, but now it is as frustrated as a quail.

“What should I do so that Shao Zhan can forgive me?” Bai Nanning asked with a humbly attitude.

Guan Xiao said, “If you want Zhan Shao to forgive you, you must first let Grace forgive you.”

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