Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 263

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Chapter 263

Bai Shutang’s face changed suddenly. Who else could have the ability to manipulate Bai’s stocks besides Jacob?

At this moment, it was later realized that the investors of the project department collectively withdrew their capital at the same time. It was not the unauthorized action of the subordinate departments of Media Asia, but the order of Jacob.

Thinking about the recent dealings with Jacob, Bai Shutang should have guessed the reason why Jacob retaliated against Bai Shutang, even a fool.

“Young Master Zhan, Young Master Zhan, for a woman, you were so cruel to the Bai family. Don’t you know that the beauty is a disaster?”

Bai Nanning’s face turned pale when she heard her father’s sigh. She was very unwilling. Na Grace had a humble background and was inferior to her. Why did Master Zhan treat her so well, even because she was an enemy of the Bai family?

And she Bai Nanning has been greeted by Shaoqu for so many years, but she can’t match a crude and ignorant country girl?

“Dad, is Shao Zhan really avenging the Bai family because of Grace?” Bai Nanning still didn’t believe in the fact that he lost to Grace.

Chairman Bai slashed at Bai Nanning with a hatred of iron and steel, “It’s all your fault. You said you are a daughter, why do you have to be an enemy of Grace’s vulgar country woman? Stealing chickens won’t eclipse rice. You can stab your basket into the sky.”

Bai Nanning looked indignantly in his eyes, and yelled unwillingly, “Dad, if it weren’t for Grace, I would have married Shao Zhan as a wife. I hate her for ruining my good deeds.”

Chairman Bai Yuyu said, “It’s not yours, so I can’t come. Although Grace was born humble and knowledgeable, but her life was good, and she gave birth to two sons for Zhan Shao. Shao Zhan also dealt with the Bai family for her. Warn us not to touch Grace in the future.”

Bai Nanning’s hands were clenched into fists. She once thought that Jacob, the majestic and majestic green mountain, would not provide shelter to any woman. Never thought he was so unique to Grace…

Jealousy made Bai Nanning gritted her teeth with hatred.

“Fortunately, Lord Zhan is willing to intercede for us this time, otherwise, with such a murderous intent as Young Master Zhan, our Bai family is in danger.”

Chairman Bai pinned the hope of saving the Bai family on the Zhan Family Patriarch. He was lucky enough to think that as long as Master Zhan came forward to put pressure on the Jacob, Jacob would take the initiative to relieve the Bai’s crisis.

However, things backfired.

The old man of the Zhan family called Jacob and tried to intercede for the Bai family, “Jacob, just now your Uncle Bai called and said that the people below you were ignorant, and collectively withdrew the funds into the Bai family. Is this the matter?”

I originally thought that Jacob didn’t know about this, but he didn’t think that Jacob answered, “Yes.”

The old man was surprised, “Do you know this?”

“Yes, because I asked them to do this.” Jacob said coldly.

The Patriarch of the Zhan Family was puzzled, “Jacob, why did you do this? The cooperation between the Bai family and our Zhan family has always been intimate…”

Jacob interrupted him, “Isn’t it what Grandpa said, there are no permanent friends in the mall. Their rules of behavior touched my bottom line. I have to suffer a bit.”

The Patriarch of the Zhan Family was silent for a while, and said, “I know you always know how to measure. Grandpa doesn’t understand the real situation, so it is inconvenient to make a conclusion. It’s just that Grandpa reminds you that you have to forgive!”

“I know.”

The Patriarch of the Zhan Family hung up and immediately ordered his subordinates to call Bai Shutang back.

“Tell him, it’s said that Young Master Zhan has grown up and his wings have become stiff, and he won’t listen to what the old man said.”

“Yes, sir.”

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