Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 262

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Chapter 262

“Say!” Jacob scolded angrily.

Guan Xiao said, “President, calm down your anger. Master Bai didn’t realize his mistake afterwards, and he tried to buy me off and handed over someone to top the bag.”

Jacob slapped the table with a slap, the leg of the table broke, and he leaned to one side.

Guan Xiao trembled, and the president hadn’t revealed his skill for many years.

“Bai Shutang, since you want to spoil your daughter, don’t blame me for spoiling your wife!”

Guan Xiao stared at his pupils, and the president’s phrase “strength spoils his wife” made him a little confused.

Isn’t Grace the president’s most hated ex-wife?

Why did the president’s attitude toward her change so quickly?

How much you hated her before, how do you spoil her now?

Guan Xiao felt that it was necessary for him to repair his relationship with Grace, otherwise he might be the next person to be abused by the president.

“Guan Xiao, immediately withdrew our Media Asia’s funds and technology from Bai’s, and stopped all cooperation with Bai’s projects. In addition, using our team of traders, Bai’s stock fell into three consecutive declines.”

Jacob finished in one go, but Guan Xiao was shocked.

This should be the worst attack on the enemy since the establishment of Media Asia, right?

The president is purely discouraged. He wants to put Bai to death, and fulfilling any of the above will make Bai to die completely.

“Yes, President.” Guan Xiao said.

Guan Xiao carried out the president’s order as quickly as possible with resolute and resolute speed, and Bai’s was caught in a huge panic that afternoon.

From time to time in the chairman’s office, directors of various departments come to report the bad news: “Chairman, the investors of our newly launched projects suddenly want to withdraw their capital. How can this be good?”

“What?” Chairman Bai felt very surprised. “How come there is such a thing? Isn’t the investor a subsidiary of Media Asia?”

“Yes. Chairman.”

The chairman’s nervous expression eased, and he smiled, “Don’t worry, our Bai family and the Zhan family are family friends, I will call the old man Zhan to say hello, those subordinate companies will not mess around.”

The director immediately held the phone in front of Chairman Bai, and the chairman called the Zhan Family Patriarch in front of him.

“Shu Tang, it’s been a long time since you called me. You are not going to the Three Treasures Hall, what can you say?”

After the call was connected, the Zhan Family Patriarch’s hearty laughter came.

“That’s the case. Media Asia’s subsidiary company suddenly withdrew from investing in several Bai’s project funds. I wanted the old man to come forward and help me ask what the situation is?”

“Oh, there is such a thing? Shu Tang, don’t worry, I will greet Jacob immediately and let him take care of the messy servants.”

“Thank you so much.”

Bai Shutang slapped the old man for a long time before hanging up the phone reluctantly.

Then he said happily, “Have you heard, the Zhan Family Patriarch has agreed to come forward to help us solve the problem, you can rest assured to do it boldly!”

The director grinned, “Yes. I’m relieved.”

However, a wave of unrest has occurred again.

Soon, Bai Nanning came to her father in a panic, “Dad, all of our Bai’s stocks have dropped their limits.”

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