Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 261

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Chapter 261

Media Asia Medical Center.

Jacob came to the VIP ward surrounded by a group of internationally renowned experts.

The patient in the ward is not someone else, but Grace’s grandfather, Mr. Yan.

Jacob transferred Mr. Yan from Yancheng to the imperial capital overnight, and asked experts from various departments of Media Asia to consult the old man. The final result was that the old man had a relatively rare disease: hysteria paralysis.

Experts in related disciplines told Jacob, “The elderly’s consciousness is sober, but the limbs lose the ability to exercise. Physical examination and auxiliary examinations found that the elderly have high blood pressure, heart disease and other non-fatal basic diseases. The elderly are completely paralyzed. It must have something to do with the mental damage he suffered seven years ago.”

The medical expert holds Master Yan’s medical records in his hand, and analyzes all aspects of the elderly’s illness in a realistic manner.

Jacob’s gaze fell on the other party’s medical records, and he was lost in thought.

Seven years ago, wasn’t it when Irene had a car accident?

The heavy injury that the old man received should be the loss of his precious granddaughter.

Jacob’s pupils were covered with a hazy gray.

The decline of the Yan family has nothing to do with him.

Chasing love for thousands of miles, not only lost Qingqing’s life. And it caused the Yan family to fall in love. How painful should be in his heart?

“I order you, no matter how much you pay, let the old man stand up healthy.” Jacob brought unprecedented firmness and aura of humanity.

“Yes, President. We will do our best.”

Jacob said angrily, “It’s not doing your best, but only allowing success without fail.”

Several experts wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads, “Yes, yes,” said respectfully.

Jacob left with satisfaction.

When Jacob returned to the president’s office, Guan Xiao informed the president of the results of investigating the beating of Grace.

“President, Grace is Bai Suyuan’s newly hired personal assistant. I met Bai Nanning on the way to work and was deliberately made things difficult by Bai Nanning. Grace slapped Bai Nanning because she was angry with Bai Nanning last time trying to design her to lose her innocence… ..”

When Guan Xiao talked about this, Jacob’s expressionless face suddenly showed a smile of relief.

Guan Xiao was startled, Grace beat Bai Nanning, and the president seemed to be in a good mood?

“What happened later?” Jacob stared at Guan Xiao displeasedly, and the report stopped after he disliked him.

Guan Xiao quickly speeded up the report, “Bai Nanning went to the chairman in tears, you know, the chairman has always petted this daughter, and when he saw the baby girl was beaten, he let people tie Grace. Bai Nanning I took the opportunity to report revenge and slapped Grace a dozen times…”

Jacob’s light smile disappeared instantly, replaced by the anger that hung over his brows.

Guan Xiao’s belly is slanderous, and the president is too biased. Grace hit Bai Nanning, and he smiled beautifully. When it was Bai Nanning’s turn to fight Grace, his face turned black.

“In order to kill chickens and monkeys, the chairman asked the bodyguard to teach Grace. It is said that after the bodyguard kicked Grace’s stomach two or three times, Grace hugged her stomach, and her face changed greatly with pain, and soon she dizzy. Fell to the ground.”

After Jacob listened, a fire burned in his chest and snapped the pen in his hand violently.

Exit, his voice was so cold that he could freeze a cow to death, “Guan Xiao, Master Bai once said afterwards how to make up for Grace?”

Guan Xiao looked embarrassed, “This…”

If Mr. Bai’s performance afterwards is known to the president, I am afraid the president will be furious.

The imperial capital is about to set off a bloody storm again.

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