Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 260

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Chapter 260

She had her love calendar, but it was a pity that it stopped at 3650 days.

For ten years!

“If you don’t like it, you can change it.” Although Jacob said so, but his voice was cold and not warm, he obviously liked his “Calendar Garden” very much.

Grace shrugged, “You like it.”

The three children slept very soundly. When Jacob opened the car door to hold the child, Grace also followed.

Jacob handed her the key in his hand and said, “Go and open the door.”

Grace turned around and walked to the European-style carved fence door, carefully unlocking it.

Jacob awakened Jason and Derek, and got out of the car alone holding Faith.

After Grace opened the door, she turned around and saw Jacob standing in front of him holding Faith. Shocked.

“Master Zhan, let me come!” Grace said quickly.

Jacob said, “You still have injuries! Let me do it.”

Then he walked inside holding Faith.

Grace was stunned and her mind went blank for a moment.

After Jacob proposed to her, he became less repulsive to Faith. Does this count as a blessing in disguise?

“Don’t come in yet.” Standing at the door, Jacob looked at Grace, who was standing in the vestibule, blowing a cool breeze, and ordered displeasedly.

Grace hurried into the house.

“I will fall asleep tonight. Tomorrow you will take a good look at the rooms here and choose the one you like.” Jacob said.

Grace looked at Jacob incredulously, this guy was so kind to her suddenly, what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd?

That night, Grace lived next door to Jacob. She racked her brains to think about the reason for the change in Jacob’s attitude towards her?

But there is no answer.

The next day, Grace was awakened by the joy of the children.

She stood in front of the French windows and saw three children collecting various insects in the extremely ecological and natural garden. Grace laughed.

Only wealthy people can buy such a vast villa and garden in the suburbs of the imperial capital.

The knock on the door suddenly sounded, Grace walked over, and just opened the door, she saw a kind woman holding a pot of lotus soup, standing at the door with a smile and said:

“My grandma, my master asked me to bring this to you, and let you go to sleep after eating. My master said that hungry for breakfast is not good for the stomach.”

Grace was flattered. This was her favorite lotus soup. It would take more than two hours to cook until it was so thick and translucent.

Since giving birth to three babies, she never expected to have her favorite meal for breakfast.

Looking at the loving woman, she suddenly corrected her embarrassedly, “I haven’t gotten married yet. You still don’t call me that in the future.”

“That can’t be done. We don’t dare to violate what the young master told him…”

Grace chuckles, and it seems that Lord Zhan is an unstoppable Asura Hades in everyone’s heart.

“What about others?” she asked.

“I went to the company early in the morning and said there was something important to deal with.”

“Isn’t it the weekend today?” Grace slapped her mouth after asking, and said with interest, “Look at me, what are you asking?”

Really thought she was his big-name wife, and could be in charge of him?

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