Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 259

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Chapter 259

Taking into account the obsessive-compulsive disorder of Jacob who didn’t like staying at a strange hotel overnight, Grace returned to the hotel and took Faith back to the imperial capital with them overnight.

The off-road vehicle was driving on a dark highway, and the three children in the back seat could not keep up with sleep. After knocking down the stool, they went to sleep in the back.

Grace was sitting in the co-driver, looking sideways out of the car window, looking at the black night sky, not even a Venus star, like her heart, plunged into endless black.

“Master Zhan, won’t you be wronged by marrying me?” Her voice seemed to come out of the dust in a low voice.

With a trace of hesitation, a trace of timidity.

She is so helpless for the unknown future.

Jacob resounded loudly, “I will never do anything to wrong myself.”

Grace turned her head to look at him, the obsidian pupils glowing with scorching brilliance. “Why marry me?”

“Want to know the answer?” Jacob raised his head with a bewitching voice, causing her to become agitated in an instant.

She nodded, “Yeah.”

However, Jacob suddenly turned his head, and the corner of his lips curled up with a beautiful loneliness, “Grace, then use this life to find the answer.”

Grace was stunned, this guy has always spoken profoundly, and her brain circuit is probably an elementary animal in the evolutionary history compared to him.

She leaned her head on the back of the chair, and the clear voice came out lightly, “Will Lord Zhan give me a chance to find the answer?”

Don’t just get married, just show up, and stage all kinds of scheming.

If this is the case, she can only accompany him to the end!

Who told her to stay with him in her life?

Jacob said, “If you feel that a lifetime is not enough, then two lifetimes, three lifetimes…”

However, Grace didn’t hear these words. She fell asleep while she was speaking because she did not recover from a slight concussion.

Jacob looked at the beloved girl, removed one hand from the steering wheel, and gently held her hand.


He turned up the air conditioner in the car to slow down the speed more smoothly. He does not know how long it took to reach the imperial capital.

Jacob parked the off-road vehicle in front of the single-family villa on the southern outskirts of the city. This is his favorite property among all his properties. The structure of the building, the design of the garden, and the decoration of the later period are all done by himself.

There is some distance from where he works, so he usually doesn’t live here, but when there are long holidays, he will come here to rest for a few days.

Jacob brought Grace here because he felt that her body needed tranquility.

As soon as the car stopped, Grace opened her hazy eyes.

She was very tired, very tired, but she developed a habit of waking up easily with her children all the year round, so she got out of the car in a daze.

Seeing this strange place, Grace’s sleepiness disappeared.

“This is where?”

“Calendar Garden.” Jacob told her the name of the villa.

Grace handed him a sour expression. How could he, a big man, give his villa such a vulgar name?

This villa looks very tall, why is it not suitable for such a name?

“Don’t like it?” Jacob frowned, and felt a sense of loss in his heart.

I still remember when Irene was young, she whispered in front of him at every turn, “Brother Jie, I have many secrets, do you want to know?”

At first he would ask her with great interest, “Talk about it?”

Irene will say: “My secret is that I have loved you for 2000 days?”

“My secret is that I have loved you for 2001 days?”

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