Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 230

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Chapter 230

Hearing this!

Baishan didn’t get panicked at all and said with confidence:

“Are you sure, you people want me to kneel to Yang Jin to apologize?”


Baishan’s calmness made everyone stunned.

But everyone did not think much and nodded.

“Okay!” A playful smile appeared on the corner of Baishan’s mouth, and he instantly agreed!


This scene once again exceeded the expectations of Mr. Bai and everyone around there. They did not expect that Baishan will agree to this easily.

You know, kneeling to apologize is a humiliation to human dignity, and Baishan didn’t even refute it.

It’s unbelievable.


Before everyone asked, they heard the housekeeper outside shouting:

“Yang Jinshui, chairman of Shanda Group, and all directors are here!!”

They are here!!

After hearing the housekeeper’s shout, the expressions on everyone’s faces changed abruptly.

Especially Haibai and others, they hurriedly faced Baishan and once again asked to explain:

“The third child, don’t forget what you said just now, Mr. Yang and the others are almost here now. You have to kneel and apologize to them until they forgive you!”


Kneeling again!

All Bai family members around, looking at Baishan one by one, became more and more teasing and ironic.

Who told you Baishan to stand on Shaun who is a crap person!

Now, the retribution is coming?

Suddenly, Haibai, Bai Yan, and many high-level members of the Bai family couldn’t help but want to see the miserable scene of Baishan kneeling on the ground, thinking of Yang Jinshui’s bitterness to apologize.

Da da da!

And just as many Bai family members were discussing, the footsteps of guests sounded.

Then, under the awe of everyone, Yang Jinshui walked in with more than a dozen middle-aged people in suits and shoes.

“Chairman, your old man is here!”

At this moment, all the arrogance on Ma Hong’s face disappeared, like a pug, trotting in front of Yang Jinshui, and then said flatly:

“I have made arrangements for the Bai family. You are here at the right time!”


When Yang Jinshui heard this, a thick smile of satisfaction appeared on his face.

This Ma Hong, although in the eyes of outsiders, is a high-level member of the Shanda Group, in fact, he is only a small worker for them.

This time!

Yang Jinshui was completely scared by Shaun’s words.

After he returned, he sent someone to take his son to the hospital, and he convened a board of directors.

After that, he used all his contacts and united ten second-rate group forces and four first-class group forces in order to make Shaun apologize.

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