Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 258

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Chapter 258

Jacob pulled her hand over and held it tightly in his palm. It is also famously said, “I am giving humanitarian care to the disadvantaged.”

Grace stared at him, “Am I not a disadvantaged group?”

Jacob smiled slyly, “If you don’t want to be regarded as a disadvantaged group, then become stronger and prove it to me.”

Grace looked at him bitterly and deeply. Since this guy hates her, he should stay away from her. Doesn’t he know that she has no resistance to him at all?

She finally made up her mind to leave him, he slammed into her life like this, making all her defenses vulnerable.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked suspiciously.

He took her hand and walked forward leisurely. Holding her hand, he felt as if he had held the whole world, with a happy mood and the corners of his mouth flying.

“You haven’t told me, what are you doing here?” he asked rhetorically.

Grace’s long eyelashes were drooping, “Master Yan once supported me, but now he is in difficulties, I want to help him.”

Jacob frowned, “Then how do you want to help him?”

Grace slammed her feet, looked at Jacob seriously, and said with a serious face, “I have done everything, I want him to stand up again.”

Jacob looked at her extremely earnest expression, and felt so worried for some reason.

She used to be just a carefree little princess, but now she has to take on Yan’s revival.

“I will help you get what you want.” He also told her very seriously.

Grace’s pupils were filled with huge consternation. He clearly helped his grandfather out of their old friendship. How could it sound like a grandfather who saved her face?

“Let’s go!” He held her hand and walked towards the hospital exit.

As soon as they walked to the door of the hospital, Derek and Jas suddenly rushed forward.


Grace looked at the two lovely children with mixed feelings.

Thought she would never see them again?

She squatted down, opened her arms, and embraced the two children.

“Mommy, don’t leave me.” Derek whispered in tears.

Jason’s words have always been less and ruthless, “Mummy, why abandon me?”

Grace was dumb…

Facing the battle, she was ashamed.

“Mommy was wrong, silence, sorry.”

Derek hugged Grace’s neck and said with tears, “Mummy, if you really don’t like the imperial capital, then take me away, because I don’t want to be without Mummy.”

Jason said, “I don’t want to be a child that Mommy doesn’t want.”

Jacob’s sour voice came, “Do you want me to be a lonely man?”

Jason and Derek held Grace tightly and did not let go, crying, “Mommy, let’s go with you.”

Grace looked at Jacob, and seemed to understand the reason why he proposed to her.

Every word and every sentence of Jason pierced Grace’s heart, making her heart like a knife!

In the face of children’s endless crying and complaining, no matter how hard her heart is, it will be melted!

Jacob loves children. He doesn’t want to hurt the child’s heart, so he asks her to marry him?

Seeing Grace’s face looked ugly, Jacob coughed slightly to remind the children that it was enough to stop performing.

“Mummy won’t leave. Jas, Derek, don’t pester Mommy, Mommy is tired.” Jacob said.

As soon as they heard that Mommy was not leaving, Jason and Derek cheered immediately. “Great, mommy won’t leave, we have a mommy.”

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