Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 229

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Chapter 229

Everyone in the Bai family got stunned for a while, yet they did not understand to whom is Ma Hong opening the way?

“Our chairman Yang Jinshui will be here soon!”


Yang Jinshui is coming?

This sentence shocked all the Bai family members.

After all, Shaun had just beaten Yang Minghao, and he was even more brazen. He wanted to destroy the Shanda Group. It could be said that he had offended Yang Jinshui to death.

And this time Yang Jinshui is coming to their home.

Suddenly, all the Bai family members got panicked.

It’s like ants on a hot pan, turning around in a hurry.

“Mr. Ma, Dong Yang is coming for revenge, do you think there is room for relaxation?”

“After all, we have expelled the culprits, Shaun and Elvira, this matter has nothing to do with the Bai family!”

Mr. Bai wiped the cold sweat from his forehead while looking pale at Ma Hong.

Hearing this!

Ma Hong smiled and said:

“Huh! Shaun is the son-in-law of your Bai family, so why it has nothing to do with your family!”

“If you want Dong Yang to forgive you, there is one thing! You have to hand over Shaun and Elvira!”


This sentence changed the expressions of the Bai family.

It’s not that they don’t want to do this, it is the regret that why they let Elvira and Shaun leave the house.

If they had known it earlier, they would not let the two go.

“What to do? Elvira went away in anger. If we asked her to come back, she will definitely refuse!”

Grandpa Bai looked anxious.

Just at this moment!

Ma Hong’s eyes rolled around, staring at Baishan and Paula in the corner, and a sinister smile appeared in the corner of his mouth:

“Hey…if Shaun is not here, isn’t his father-in-law still here?”

“The Baishan couple will definitely help us to bring back Elvira and Shaun.”

Baishan couple!

This sentence brightened the eyes of Mr. Bai and all the family members.

That’s right!

Shaun is Baishan’s son-in-law, so if the Baishan couple personally apologized to Yang Jinshui, then perhaps they could get forgiveness.

Thinking of this!

Grandpa Bai and the others, one by one, all looked at Baishan:

“The third child, this time my Bai family is in disaster, and Dong Yang will be here in a while. You have to apologize to him! If it not working, you have to kneel down and ask Dong Yang for forgiveness!”

“Yes, third brother, this time our Bai family is dependent on you!”

“Hey…his trash son-in-law said, all of us have to kneel in front of Elvira! Unexpectedly, his father-in-law is about to kneel down!”

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