Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 257

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Chapter 257

With a more sexy sound quality comparable to that of the anchor, Grace listened to the voice, turned her head in shock, and stared at the sudden Jacob.

“Zhan Ye?” She opened her eyes as big as copper bells, and looked at him incredulously, “Why are you here?”

Jacob stood firmly in front of her for only one day, only to find that she was haggard and thin, and that lively and lovely fleshy face had become a lot thinner.

His heart ached faintly.

Jacob’s gaze glanced at the old man Yan on the hospital bed, the spirited and energetic old man in his memory, now there is only infinite depression and depression.

“Do you want to save him?” Jacob stared at Grace.

Grace nodded.

There was a sense of anxiety in his heart, Jacob was meticulous, if he asked the bottom line and tortured her for saving Master Yan, how could she prevaricate him?

“Grace, marry me, I’ll save him.” Jacob looked at the firmness in Grace’s eyes, and suddenly announced solemnly.

He didn’t want to take advantage of her, but he was a businessman, and he couldn’t wait to come when he knew.

He no longer had the courage to bear the pain of losing her.

Grace looked at him blankly.

She really couldn’t understand why he hated her so much, why did he even propose such a deal?

What is marriage in his eyes?

She knew that the merchant was only profitable, but what profit did he use to marry her?

The doctor looked at Jacob and suddenly laughed.

“Sir, the old man’s illness is a problem in the medical profession. I think you are not a person short of money, but I have to remind you that life and health are things that money cannot buy.”

Jacob’s clear gaze swept the doctor’s face, “You are right. Therefore, the old man’s illness can cause him no miracle except the Media Asia Medical Center.”

The doctor was dumbfounded, “Who are you?”

Jacob looked at him and said leisurely, “Jacob.”

The doctor was frightened, his face was very embarrassed, and he said tremblingly: “So you are the president of Media Asia! I have no eyes!”

The doctor frowned at Grace, “Miss, this is your last chance to save the old man. Don’t you miss this God-given opportunity?”

The doctor finished speaking, and left dingy.

Jacob and Grace stood facing each other, Grace’s mind was very messy.

A clear voice broke through her mess, and rang abruptly, “Lingbao, go ask Jacob—only he can help you—reinvigorate Yan’s family!”

Grace looked at Jacob. Grandpa pinned all his hopes on him, but can he really help her revive Yan’s glory?

Grace nodded, “Okay, I promise you.”

Anyway, she has to try? Isn’t it?

Jacob’s nervous heart slowly calmed down.

She finally became his bride again!

This time, he will never disappoint her.

“Follow me back to the imperial capital first. I will arrange for someone to come and transfer to the hospital.”

Grace nodded.

Reluctantly glanced at the old man a few more times, and then walked out slowly with a silent face.

A cart full of medical equipment walked over in the corridor, and Grace walked absently, without even noticing the danger.

Jacob walked behind her, and suddenly his long legs strode forward, and he stretched out his hand to La Grace unexpectedly. Grace was awakened suddenly by him, she almost hit the cart just now—

She got out of Jacob’s arms in a panic, “Thank you!”

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