Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 228

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Chapter 228

“Well, Shaun, you don’t have to comfort me!”

“Let’s go!”

After speaking, Elvira does not wants to stay here for a moment, and she goes out of Bai’s house with Shaun.

When Elvira just left!

Suddenly, the Bai family members surrounded Bai Yan.

“Haha…Bai Yan, congratulations!”

“Eldest niece, this time we have to rely on you to cover it!”

What these Bai family members are most good at is seeing the wind and making the rudder, and at this moment, they are constantly flattering Bai Yan.


There is another important reason why many Bai family members please Bai Yan.

That is, Bai Yan’s father-in-law Ma Hong is a senior member of the Shanda Group.

Even Ma Young has informed Bai Yan that Shanda Group, together with the other four top-ranking groups and the top ten second-rate groups, were preparing to annex the Bai Group.

“Bai Yan!”

Grandpa Bai looked at his granddaughter with a gentle look:

“Now you can contact your father-in-law and tell him that we have expelled Shaun and Elvira from the group! Let him help us to say something nice of Bai family in front of Mr. Shanda Yang!”

Hearing this, Bai Yan immediately agreed happily.

Then she took out her mobile phone and made a call to her father-in-law.

And after the phone hung up.

Bai Yan immediately said to everyone with excitement:

“My father-in-law now knows that Elvira and Shaun have been kicked out of the group! He will be here soon!”


Hearing this, all the Bai family members were shocked and immediately ordered to get prepared to welcome him.

Soon, an obese middle-aged man walked in staggeringly one step at a time.

This person is Bai Yan’s father-in-law- Ma Hong!

“Mr. Ma, long time no see, you came here, it is an honor for our Bai family!” At this moment, Mr. Bai had a warm smile on his face.


Ma Hong glanced and said strangely:

“Your son-in-law Shaun is really capable! He sent my son to jail, and he has not been released yet.”

These words made Mr. Bai embarrassed.

“Mr. Ma, Shaun has nothing to do with us! Now, that waste has been expelled from the group, and Bai Yan has become the new president of our group, you see…” Mr. Bai said in a low voice.

However, Ma Hong waved his hand and said proudly:

“Forget it! I didn’t come to Xingshi to inquire!”

“This time, I am opening the way!”

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