Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 227

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Chapter 227

“Hahaha…Shaun, you really have a brain problem! We have all mastered your prescriptions and development techniques, do you think you both are still useful for us?” Uncle Haibai laughed very loudly at this moment.

Because of Shaun, his son was beaten by Dao Ye and others.

Haibai can’t wait to confess this waste to his son-in-law and tear him alive.

Not only him!

Bai Yan and others looked at Shaun as if they were looking at an idiot, full of ridicule and mockery:

“Shaun, are you an idiot? You and your wife are useless at all. Hahaha”

“Yes, without you, the Bai family and Shanda Group can still continue to cooperate! After leaving the Bai family, you and your wife have to face Yang Jinshui’s revenge!”

“Hahaha… this trash is brainless!”


The ridicule around them was noisy.

Hearing this!

Shaun’s eyes got cold in an instant.

His eyes swept across the main hall, like a sharp blade, making the smiles of these people suddenly stop:

“The happier you look now, the worse you will be when you will cry!”

“Remember, when you come to beg my wife next time, all of you, except Mr. Bai will kneel!!!”

Begging Elvira?


After hearing Shaun’s rampant words.


The entire Bai family completely exploded.


Every Bai family felt that Shaun was crazy at this moment.

Obviously, they both have no value for the Bai family. How could they still beg Elvira to be the president, let alone ask them to kneel down?

This is the more idiotic dream.

“Hahaha…no, this guy definitely has a problem with his brain. This is the first time we have seen such kind of idiot!”

“Who says no! If his mental condition is okay, then how could he beat Young Master Yang!”

“Hahaha…I am looking forward to it. How can he make us kneel down and beg to them!”


All the Bai family members laughed frantically.

After hearing this, Mrs. Bai suddenly jumped his eyelids.

He seemed to have a foreboding that something bad was about to happen!

“No! Shaun is just trash, how can he believe what he said!”

Grandpa Bai shook his head, and immediately regarded Shaun as an idiot.

Not only them, but even Elvira also didn’t believe these words.

After all, he is no longer useful to the Bai family, and he has offended the Shanda Group. How could the Bai family beg them to take their decision back?

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