Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 226

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Chapter 226



The expressions of Mr. Bai and all the seniors of the Bai family have changed.

That’s right, they planned to expel Elvira and Shaun.

It became easy for them as they resigned voluntarily.

Suddenly, the expressions of all the Bai family members were so gloomy that it was hard to see their faces.

Especially Mr. Bai!

He stared at Elvira with full of anger in his eyes:

“Elvira, are you sure?”

“Yes!” Elvira said with a firm gaze holding Shaun’s hand.

But Shaun felt that Elvira’s jade hand was trembling slightly, obviously, she was not willing to give up.

“good very good!”

Mr. Bai got amused, and he said with full of resentment:

“Since you are willing to leave the group for your waste husband, then I will fulfill your wish today!”

That’s it!

Grandpa Bai looked at Bai Yan and said softly:

“Bai Yan, from today on you are the new president of the Bai Group.”


This sentence was like a pie falling from the sky to Bai Yan, instantly making her joyful:

“Okay! Thank you, Grandpa, I will definitely work hard, don’t worry, I will definitely work better than Elvira!”

“At least, I don’t have a waste husband! Humph…”

When Bai Yan said this, she squinted at Elvira, with proud expressions on her face.

Elvira trembled fiercely, and tears fell from her beautiful eyes.

Since she was a child, she has dreamed to make contributions to the Bai Group and the Bai family.

But in the end!

It couldn’t work for her.

“Shaun, let’s go!”

Elvira’s expression changed, and she forcibly resisted the tears in her eyes.

Even she does not want to shed tears in front of the Bai family.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun felt a slight pain in his heart. He stretched out his big hand, held Elvira’s beautiful face in his palm, gently wiped her tears, and then said softly:

“My wife, don’t be sad. After a while, they will come and beg you to continue to serve as Bai’s president!”


Shaun’s words stunned everyone present there.

Begging Elvira?


All the Bai family members burst into laughter.

Why do they beg Elvira?

Now the prescriptions and development methods of the Pill of Resurrection are all in the hands of experts in the group. It can be said that Elvira’s resignation will have no impact on the Bai Group.

On the contrary, it is even more agreeable to all the Bai family members.

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