Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 225

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Chapter 225

Many Bai family members were stunned to see that Bai Yan was slapped in the face and she staggered back a few steps.

Particularly, when all the Bai family members focused they all got stunned.

Because the person who slapped Bai Yun turned out to be Elvira!


At this moment, all the Bai family could hardly believe their eyes. After all, they knew that Elvira is a civilized girl. In normal times, she rarely argued with others, forget beating someone.

It can be said that Elvira has never beaten a person since childhood.

And now, she actually slapped her cousin for trash.

“Elvira, you…”

Bai Yan hiding her hot cheeks, her face also full of anger.

She humiliated Elvira many times, but Elvira had not said something bad to her before…

“shut up!!!”

Under the shocking eyes of everyone, Elvira looked like a little tiger, guarding Shaun’s body, her beautiful eyes swept across Bai Yan and everyone angrily:

“What are you guys, what right do you have to humiliate my husband!”

“You are you people scolding him? He has beaten Yang Minghao for me!”

“And you… don’t dare?”


Elvira’s words were sharp and sharp, like a slap in the face, slamming the faces of all Bai family members.


You people look down on Shaun, thinking that he is just a crap person who just eats and is waiting to die, but you have to admit that Shaun beat Yang Minghao and yelled at Yang Jinshui. This is something any Bai family member definitely cannot do at all, even if they got killed.

At this moment, Mr. Bai felt hot on his face and became angry, staring at Elvira fiercely, and yelled:

“Elvira, shut up, this is too much!”

When Elvira heard this, a deep sneer appeared on her flawless pretty face:

“Grandpa, am I being too much? Or are you too much!”

“My husband has been humiliated by you for three years, but still he delivered a resurrection pill!”

“My husband has been insulted by you for three years, but he invited Master Yang Tianrui for free to work for our group!”

“And what did you do?”

Elvira took out her mobile phone, and showed the missed calls and many humiliating text messages on it:

“A total of seventeen calls and fifty-four text messages are all for Shaun and I have to come home to apologize to you all!”

“Unfortunately, I’m not guilty! My husband Shaun, he is not guilty too!”


Elvira’s words embarrassed all the family members including Mr. Bai.

She added something which shocks them to the core.

“Sorry, my husband and I are not here to plead, but to resign!”

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