Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 224

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Chapter 224

Everyone sneered at Baishan’s words.

Even Grandpa Bai looked at his third son with a deep disappointment:

“Baishan, I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid! Using Tianlong Group as a shield? Humph, What qualifications do you have to negotiate with others?”

In an instant, countless voices of doubt, overwhelming, swept over.

Suddenly, Baishan felt even harder to say:

“Dad! You have to believe me, this is true! Tianlong Xu and all Tianlong directors not only went to see me and Shaun but even called me President Baishan, they were extremely enthusiastic!”

President Baishan?


The burst of laughter in the main hall became louder.

Everyone’s laughter, ridicule, and contempt are endless.

But when Baishan was trying to explain it again, an indifferent voice suddenly came from the outside:

“Dad, let it, it only needs to be done once!”

“Good words, don’t persuade you to be an idiot!”

When this different sound circulated in the Bai Family Hall.


In an instant, the complexion of all the Bai family members changed.

Everyone turned around one by one, and suddenly saw the door, a man and a woman, walking in, it was Shaun and Elvira!

“Shaun, what are you talking about? Who is an idiot?”

“Shaun, you have caused a big disaster, do you know? You still have the face to talk in front of us?”

“Stupid thing, do you know, who you have offended! What a disaster you had done for our family!”


The moment they saw Shaun, all the senior leaders of the Bai family exploded.

One after another, they almost flooded Shaun with humiliation and verbal abuse.

Especially Bai Yan.

The moment she saw Shaun, she suddenly remembered her father and husband who were in prison.

Bai Yan suddenly went crazy, and rushed towards Shaun with anger on her face:

“Shaun, you bastard, you trash, you idiot! You had imprisoned my father and my husband! Grandpa will surely tear your face today!”

While shouting, Bai Yan slapped Shaun.

Seeing this scene!

The faces of all the Bai family members showed a gleeful look. They all hate Shuan from the beginning, and now Bai Yan slapped him. It felt like a pleasure to many other family members.


When Bai Yan again brought her hand forward to slap Shaun!

Snapped! ! !

A clear and loud slap suddenly echoed.

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