Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2656

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Chapter 2656

Lanxi looked at the blue sky, and sighed: “Whether it is the ninth sister, or the eldest sister, Derek, they all died to protect you. You shouldn’t I am obsessed with who I am, because even I don’t want to live so clearly.”

Derek was stunned, then nodded: “I will never ask my sister such stupid questions again.”

Lan Xi looked at Derek, shifted the Topic: “You came to see me today, but what’s important?”

Derek said: “I heard from my sister-in-law that you told her that there is an inner ghost in the Palace of Military Intelligence.”

Lan Xi’s expression remained unchanged: “I don’t believe that after so long, you Can’t detect her half-heartedness?”

Derek’s expression was gloomy: “I prefer to believe that she was influenced by us and finally gave up being our enemy.”

Lan Xi shook her head: “Derek, you are too simple. Cruel methods brainwashed her, and she has been a tool of revenge since birth. She is good at disguising, and I am sure that she is not with them in real sincerity. She is just a walking correspondent.”

Derek excitedly grabbed Lan Xi’s wrist “Sister, please don’t embarrass him before my order is issued.”

Lan Xi was very helpless: “You will regret it, Derek.”

Derek said: “I want to give her another chance.”

Derek, He wanted to give Thirteenth Sister a chance, but this opportunity came at an extremely heavy price.

That night, Tourmaline Manor was attacked by terrorists, and many people died. Master Zhan hurriedly transferred the old, weak, sick, and disabled in the manor, and the remaining bodyguards took up weapons and started a fierce battle with those people.

But the opponent came prepared, Tourmaline Manor was controlled by civilized laws, and weapons were very limited. It quickly fell to the ground.

At this time, Han Ling’s residence suddenly shot a gorgeous and magnificent light, and when it hit the enemy’s aircraft, the aircraft would explode.

The enemy’s corpse was instantly reduced to ashes.

“What’s that?”

“That’s definitely not human power.”

“There are ghosts hidden in Tourmaline Manor. Let’s go.” The

enemy left, but this fierce battle left Zhanjia with very serious sequelae.

The death of many people made the kind-hearted Derek blame himself.

He looked at those uncles and aunts who loved him, and they turned into ashes in an instant. The pain in his heart was like a needle prick.

In the end, he broke down, picked up a gun, pointed at Shisanmei’s head, stared at the blood-red eyes, and said furiously: “Thirteen, I believed you wrong.”

Thirteen looked at the devastation and said with great pain: “I I thought that after today, the Zhan family would no longer exist. And I will not live. I will be buried with you. But I didn’t expect that the Zhan family would have ghosts to help.”

She burst into tears: “I lost. Bet against me. Derek, you killed me.”

Derek’s hands trembled, he didn’t understand: “Why people from our Zhan family are so kind to you? How could you betray me again and again? “

Sister Thirteen fell into dead silence.

In the end, he said: “Derek, our master, it was decided from the beginning. We are our own masters, aren’t we?”

Derek couldn’t believe it: “So you have been lying in an ambush by my side all these years just to take the opportunity to take revenge? The

thirteenth sister said: “You have stayed in the Palace of Military Love for so long.”

Derek turned to look at the other sisters in the Palace of Military Love: “What about you? Are you the same as her, each of you is your master?” The

other sisters shook their heads, They said sadly: “Derek, we live for you.”

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