Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2657

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Chapter 2657

Derek staggered, and an uncontrollable sadness appeared on his handsome face. “Thirteen, when I first met you, you were just a child carved in jade. At that time, I loved you and tolerated you as my own sister. After so many years, such feelings have never Changed.”

He paused: “I know you are the daughter of the monster. The blood relationship is greater than the sky. But does the monster really love you? Have you ever thought that he is your biological father, he gave you Is father’s love really selfless love?”

“He threw such a young you into the Palace of Military Affairs and didn’t allow you to call him father openly. He taught you to hate enemies but never taught you how to love others and yourself. He Imposes his life beliefs on you, never caring what kind of revenge you might get.”

“Thirteen, not everyone is worthy to be a parent in this world.” Derek turned around, looking at her with clear eyes, “You are not stupid. You have been with my mommy all these years. You should know how my mommy loves children. If you are sick, even if she is not in good health, she will stay up by your bedside. She won’t be able to sleep peacefully until your fever subsides.”

“Thirteen, my mommy has nothing for you, and her most flat wish is for you to grow up healthy and happy. How can you treat her like this? How can you treat her like this?” Okay?”

He became agitated as he spoke and finally hit the wall with his fist. He turned into an angry growl: “Thirteen, I regret it so much. I regret my kind thoughts at that time and begged my mommy to take you in. I should have listened to my daddy. I shouldn’t have taken you in at that time, and I wouldn’t kill you now. There are so many innocent people.”

The thirteenth sister stared blankly at Derek, she had nothing to say.

It’s just that amidst Derek’s condemnation, her indifferent pupils seemed to have a little warmth.

Derek took a long breath and finally pulled out a small flying knife. His eyes were weeping blood, and he stared at Thirteen viciously.

“If I don’t punish you, how can I be worthy of so many undead?”

Thirteenth Sister sniffled and said in a low voice: “You kill me. Anyway, all these years, I have earned money if I can live.”

Derek’s hand holding the flying knife was trembling.

The sisters all stared fixedly at Derek. Like Derek, they were conflicted and conflicted.

At this moment, the door behind him opened with a clang. I saw Lan Xi walking in wearing a handsome jumpsuit and holding a special crossbow.

When the sisters saw the familiar crossbow, their eyes widened.

“Who is she? Why does she have the eldest sister’s bow and crossbow in her hand?”

Lan Xi walked up to the sisters, her expression firm and her eyes determined.

She said to her sisters: “Thirteen swore to die as a monster. Why do you still support her?” The

sisters shook their heads.

Wushuang stood up: “Of course, we are against Thirteen working for the evildoer, but we just hope that she can find her way back.” Lan Xi

looked at Shisan, whose eyes were like a lost lamb. With a touch of deadly innocence.

Lan Xi raised his crossbow and pointed the arrow at Thirteen.

For those who couldn’t be defended in time, the arrows were shot out densely, and all of them hit Shisan’s knees. Thirteen was forced to kneel on the ground.

A flash of pain flashed in Derek’s eyes, but he quickly adjusted the emotion he shouldn’t have.

The sisters just looked at Lanxi in surprise, wondering why she was so determined to punish Thirteen for Derek? But their intuition told them that Lanxi’s identity was not simple.

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