Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2658

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Chapter 2658

The thirteenth sister looked at Lan Xi in surprise, she saw the fierce hatred in Lan Xi’s eyes, it was a black hole with no end in sight.

“Who are you? What right do you have to decide my life?” The thirteenth sister condemned Lanxi with unwillingness.

Lan Xi walked in front of her and stepped on her knee joint fiercely, causing Thirteenth Sister’s face to turn pale from the pain. “They are all compassionate and affectionate people, a white-eyed wolf like you. They don’t want to deal with it, so I will help them deal with you.”

The thirteenth sister lay on the ground like a dog. She looked at Lan Xi with jealousy: “Why are you doing this to me? I have no grievances or enmity with you?”

Lan Xi said coolly, “Sister Thirteen, I am the person who misses you the most in this world.”

Thirteen Sister’s eyes Sudden squinting, she seems to have guessed her identity, but also doesn’t seem to.

After all, that person is long gone.

Lan Xi pulled Thirteen Sister’s collar, slapped her left and right, and slapped her hard. “This slap, I slapped for the wife of the Zhan family. You are truly tormented by revenge.”

The thirteenth sister wanted to resist, but Lanxi had no strength. It was as big as a bull. She couldn’t move at all.

In the entire Palace of Military Intelligence, there are only two people who can subdue her. One is Daddy’s evildoer and the other is… the eldest sister of the Palace of Military Love.

The thirteenth sister’s eyes showed a terrified expression, and her eyes turned into innocent pleadings. “I have no other choice. You know, a blood relationship is a predestined fate. I don’t want to get a reputation for being unfilial.”

Lan Xi kicked her heart, Thirteenth Sister couldn’t bear it, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The sisters in the Palace of Military Intelligence looked at the poor Thirteenth Sister with extremely complicated expressions. There is sympathy, and there is a sigh of hating iron but not steel. They looked at each other, wondering if they should stop Lanxi from beating Shisan. After all, the original oath is still there, the sisters share the blessings and difficulties and never give up on any of them at any time.

It is because of upholding the virtue of solidarity and mutual assistance that they can help each other and overcome difficulties one by one.

At this moment, Lord Zhan helped Zhengling out.

The steps forward of the sisters retreated. They thought, Mommy is so kind, with her around, Thirteenth Sister will definitely get the best arrangement.

When Zhengling came out, Thirteenth Sister’s gaze carried the innocence of a child. She choked and shouted: “Mommy, I’m sorry.”

Zheng Ling’s gaze just turned to Lan Xi, and said: “What do you want to do with her?”

Lan Xi said: “Use her as bait to lure out evildoers.”

Zheng Ling frowned: “You mean, the evildoer has escaped from Yujiazhai?”

Lan Xi nodded.

Zhengling looked at Lord Zhan, and Lord Zhan said: “Zhengling this time, no matter what, you have to listen to me.”

Zhengling said regretfully: “I was innocent in the past and mistrusted this girl. That’s why I brought down the Zhan family. It can be seen that I don’t know people clearly, and I will not dare to make my own decisions in the future. Brother Jue, you can deal with this girl.”

After Zhengling finished speaking, she turned her back to Shisan.

The sisters in the Palace of Military Intelligence clearly saw Zhengling’s wet eyes.

The sisters suddenly felt hatred for Shisan’s behavior.

Mommy is so kind to them, she is the one who makes up for it, but they have no relatives and no reason, but they have the good wishes of family love.

Wushuang suddenly said loudly: “Daddy, if you want to be killed or cut, it’s her own fault.” After finishing speaking, Wushuang also turned around.

The sisters turned around.

Thirteen was helpless, and the innocence in her eyes finally turned into despair.

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